Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jingle Bells...

When I was little itty bitty way back in those olden days.... I was very scared of loud noises (I am still!!) but thunder storms really frightened me and mum says I used to just disappear - nowhere to be found....

From October onwards humidity would build up and the most amazing storms could happen..... To try and allay my fears mum and dad would tell me Father Christmas was getting himself ready for Christmas and banging around with the parcels....

I am waiting to hear those sounds of Santa getting ready.....

However, as Santa's helper I am beginning to sort parcels too.... this year I have joined in with Chookyblue's SSCS... over the last year of blogging I have seen this event unfolding on other blogs so I was excited to join in the fun this time ....

We all have an overseas partner {mine is (insert name here)} and so I will make something special as well as add a pretty Christmas tree ornament.

I've chosen my fabrics and I am going to make a (insert item here)

you may see some of it over the coming months... but it is SECRET.... so no telling okay?

Narelle from Pins and Whiskers has been reminding us about Christmas for a while
you can add your item and leave your comment HERE 

Allie also challenged us to just have fun each month and link up HERE  .....

I have a couple of Christmassy goodies to show
I did already show off my Christmas Stitch wallhanging finish in more detail HERE

and this week I finished this Hot Pot Mat
 I find I never have enough mats to put things on in the kitchen

How are you getting on with Christmas.... only 3 months to go!!!

Get those bells jingling


  1. yes not long now it will fly,its my 1st time in chooky's SSCS as well,love xmas swaps,actually any swap,lol.

  2. Isn't it fun, all the Christmas sewing and swaps make Christmas feel really close.

  3. Its scary how close Christmas is. I really need to get focussed.

  4. good to hear Santa's little helper is already preparing.........your TTS looks great.........thanks for being part of the SAL.......

  5. I missed the sign up again this year for the sscs. Will enjoy seeing your sneak peaks.
    Love the hot pad, it is a lovely pattern.
    I love thunder and lightning, natures big production. Thankfully, the dogs are not petrified by the storms either.

  6. We had some thunder and lightning today, and some hail too....I'm glad it was only Santa getting ready!

  7. Love!!! Christmas!!!! I wonder if any one has noticed? I love sitting on my verandah and watching the storm roll in. I love the smell of a summer thunderstorm.
    You are going to be a busy girl Fiona

  8. Most of my shopping has been done for a while now and I have a few touches to finish on some handmade items.
    I'm still working on my wall hanging for SAL.
    Enjoy your day,
    Mama Bear

  9. Oh be quiet!! I am sure there are more than a couple of months til Christmas - half a year at least????
    Okay - just leave me with my delusion a little longer!!

  10. Love the Christmas time of year. I cant wait to see your sneak peaks. Kim xx

  11. Ssshhhh... I think I hear someone singing Jingle Bells in the background!
    I've even started counting days and I can assure you-there isn't enough left!
    Cheers :)

  12. Did you have to scare me like that , only three months , yikes ,it will be here before I know it and I don't have any bells jingling yet !

  13. That quilt is gorgeous, hon, and I love the hot pad! Gorgeous!
    I love storms - I used to walk in them, when I was young and stupid, lol.

  14. Love the hotpad, and am looking forward to your "sneak peaks"! I'm with Allie - I love storms! I like to sit on the front porch and listen for thunder and watch the rain and lightning - I find it very soothing :)

    I'm almost finished my September Christmas gift for Allie's challenge - I just have to finish the quilting and add the binding - if I didn't have to make supper for the guys I could be downstairs working on it right now, LOL :D

  15. Sounds like fun! Love your Christmas quilts. :)

  16. Thankyou my friend for the reminder!!!! I don't know where the days go now, time is just zipping along...

  17. Did I really need to be reminded that Christmas is just around the corner and I'm not even close to thinking about it. It surely will be here before we know it. Love what you've been doing. Nola

  18. Did I really need to be reminded that Christmas is just around the corner and I'm not even close to thinking about it. It surely will be here before we know it. Love what you've been doing. Nola

  19. You are getting organised. Looks good. I spent one day sewing - well, sewing that I like to do - in the holidays and I made Christmas Mug Rugs - so I have something to put in the One Xmas Item a Month category. Unfortunately, I forgot to photography one that I included in a swap!!! But thanks for reminding me about listing my Xmas items here.

  20. I am concentrating on Christmas now too Fiona. Lots to do before December 25. Have to get those fingers flying!!

  21. 3 months to go? Is that all!!! It comes so fast, doesn't it? oh boy, better get going then!

  22. I need to get going with ornaments for sure!

  23. Lovely quilt and the Hot Pot Mat is a great idea. Very hand for a delicious Christmas lunch.

  24. I too was a scaredy cat in thunder storms, but these days I love them! Thanks for reminding me how few(stitching) days there are until Christmas.......... it'll be here before we know it.
    Love that you're all organised though! I could learn a thing or two from you for sure. lol

  25. I love the story your parents told you about the "noise" from the storms. Parents can be quite creative, can't they? And your Christmas projects look fabulous. I am woefully behind on getting things done for machine is still MIA - been gone since June 30th, so that has really put a hick-up in my well-laid plans to be ready and on-time with gifts! :o(




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