Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Treasure Tuesday

I have always loved animals... and one of my favourites from when I was a little itty bitty girl
(yes, I was that once upon a time... )

....was a warthog.......

they are the funniest animal and so ugly that you can't help but be amused by them ....

Photo: Portrait of a warthog

they are not really as fierce as they look and prefer to run off... I couldn't find a picture of a family but the mum or dad and all the babies will run like this - tail up... so it's easy for everyone to find each other in the long bush grasses..... cute and clever ...
Africa_warthog : Male warthog running with it's tail held erect

This is a pair we were given when we moved over to Australia... they are a silver salt and pepper set.... really cute - I don't use them except for looking at ... 

funny little animals....

so ugly they are beautiful
... they do make me smile...

This is another warthog treasure of mine done by my younger son


I bottled up a new batch of vanilla last week.... this will be lovely and brewed around Christmastime

just vodka and vanilla bean

oh yes... I promised another sneaky peak

I forgot I had already wrapped it ... sorry for that

I'm off to visit at Melody's and see what other Tuesday Treasures I can see


  1. oh Fiona you make me laugh so much,the people that are still waiting for their spring swap will be on the edge of their chairs,lol proberly hanging out for another sneaky look,lol,you should write books you are very amusing,lol,and sorry the wart hogs dont do a thing for me,lol.

  2. Hi Fiona, they certainly made me smile! They remind me of the film 'Babe' and the happy times when the kids were little watching the video on the sofa....

  3. I liked the wart hog in The Lion king. Everything in nature has some sort of beauty.

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  5. Lol. You are sneaky Fiona. Love the warthogs. They are so cute. Must try the vanilla bean in vodka. Can you tell me more about it please. Hugs,

  6. I love your warthogs. Nature is always fascinating and clever. I think your son's artistry is amazing, a real treasure. Your Vanilla brew sounds potent.

  7. You are having HORRIBLE issues with the photography for that gift, aren't you?

    I like warthogs too. Kind of remind me of myself.

    Just kidding.

  8. You are so inspiring. I love the warthogs and mmmm vanilla.. OH that drawing from your son is wonderful too. Have a fantastic week. Hugs,Kim

  9. Cute? warthogs, love your sons drawing. I have been enjoying the fun you are having with glimpses of your spring giveaway!

  10. Hello Fiona,

    Give me two warthogs over a mouse any day. Love your sons drawing,he is very talented.
    Happy days.

  11. I must say Pumba from the Lion King has done a lot of great PR for the warthog! I love the way they run too. You crack me up.
    That's a bit of a tease showing the package already wrapped...

  12. Hmmm I suppose you think that is funny, leading us all on ...oh well what is it they say "Everything comes to those that wait" OMG I am turning into my Mother!!! xx

  13. I love your choice of treasure this week. I don't think anyone else will choose a warthog as their TT. But I do agree - I think they are kind of cute.

  14. They resemble a Lion in some way, the rear end anyway. Cute but I wouldn't want to meet up with one....there was one in Lion King, right?
    We're getting rain, still. We had about 4 inches yesterday. So badly needed...I hate to get out but I have to go to Bible Study and run an errand before I can come home.
    Mama Bear

  15. I have never seen a warthog so perhaps if I was to see one in person I could appreciate their beauty but I suspect they are somewhat like our moose, they have a gentle beauty about them that only their mothers can see :-) I do like the little drawing your son did that is really well done . Funny how that gift magically got wrapped isn't it :-0 hugs

  16. Oh! Warthogs! They are so ugly they are cute, aren't they? Every time I see a photo of one, I think of Pumba from the Lion King...he really made me laugh! But like my grandmother used to tell me, "there is beauty in everything; sometimes you have to look beyond the surface to see it." I'm sure the warthog has his own hidden beauty that we can't see on the surface!

    That drawing your son did is amazing....he really has a great talent! And that is a wonderful treasure, for sure!



  17. I don't think I'd like to meet a warthog face to face though. lol
    Kind of cute in their own way arent' they!
    I've been making vanilla essence this year, love it and it makes a great little gift for cooks too.

  18. I love your salt and pepper set, and that drawing your son did is amazing! You are too funny with the sneak peeks!

  19. Everyone loves the vodka/Mexican Vanilla bean I gifted recently. Right now I'm brewing bourbon/Madagascar Vanilla beans for Christmas gifting.

    Your cupcake pincushion is sweet as can be.


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