Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Things.....

You all know how I love my coffee... my tea.... my wine.... my snacks...... my postie...... my blog friends....  so much fun when I can put them all together!!

Yesterday Ms Postie dropped off a surprise... not an order.... not a win... just a surprise....

with Marina's name on the card.....

Oh look........

Marina does such fine stitching (I have learnt a lot from her so if you are a stitcher you need to check her out) and I was amazed to discover she also does this tiny weeny neat crochet

look at those pretty pearly shell beads the milk jug doily is edged with

Of course I had to go off and make some tea with my pretty things.....

which made me think of snacks to go with the tea

I found this quick easy recipe HERE at Tarnyia's
it uses a whole orange... no peeling... no whisking... just pulverise, mix and cook

(I added some poppy seeds because they jumped into my hand)

such a yummy moist cake

I'm sure you will like it too

I haven't neglected Precious... she has been busy finishing off this....

from a tutorial HERE

It's not incredibly beautiful... but it makes a great bathmat and I only used recycled clothes that shrunk before we could get much wear out of them
 (2 pairs of jeans and part of a shirt) and a few scraps of wadding for extra absorbency

Happy Thursday to you...


  1. Beautiful crochet , wow so tiny and perfect , looks lovely on your milk jug .The cake I will have to check out , it looks yummy and I love poppy seeds and your bath mat is great , what a wonderful use of too small jeans and shirts!
    hugs Sheila

  2. I love the crocheted milk jug cover.Will pop over to visit Marina.
    and the cake yum!! that's why the jeans shrink but what a great way to use them. Great mat so will check that out too
    Thanks .

  3. I love the bathmat! It's fantastic!
    And what a beautiful piece of crochet!
    xx, shell

  4. Such a lovely surprise!
    Will have to try the orange cake recipe too!

  5. Orange cake, mmmm!

    And I think your bath mat is a great idea!!

  6. Have you noticed that the snacks are why the jeans shrink... or may be it is in the wardrobe that the shrinking dust gets into the fibre of the clothes ...know that happens here and I am almost convinced to do something about it as I have a cupboard full of those clothes.
    hugs Laurie

  7. What a wonderful surprise in the mail, it looks so pretty! The cake looks very yummy and your bathmat is a great idea!

  8. What a LOVELY surprise! That is just beautiful. Love your bath mat, what a clever idea!

  9. Beautiful crochet by Marina...I am very partial to a lovely milk jug cover. Lucky you. Tarnyia is a great cook also and I think I gain weight everytime I drop by your blogs...such yummy baking.

  10. lucky you Fiona that jug cover is so cute and that cake is looking very yummy and what a great looking bath mat,

  11. What a lovely gift. Beautiful work.
    That cake looks rather good - I will have to check out the recipe.
    I really like the idea of the bathmat. That works very well!

  12. what a lovely surprise.... and I love the recycled bath matt too.. great use of materials... Hugs

  13. Very pretty gift. I have always admired the cathedral window block, but am too lazy to make one. How sad is that? Yours looks great...and all from recycled clothes, amazing!

  14. You were lucky as well.....I also received one Bubz, posted about mine today....Marina is a the look of that cake...may have to make this one...

  15. Love the crocheted dollie you got in the mail. What a beutiful gift.

  16. All kinds of good things in this post. The gift was lovely and so neatly made. The cake sounds wonderful and that bath mat is great!

  17. Bathmat is great, it looks like cathedral windows pattern..that cake looks delicious...mmmmm am I always hungry? That doilie you got is wonderful too. Great post. Have a great day. Hugs, Kim


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