Sunday, June 26, 2011

A new look for me .....

This has been a frustrating weekend......
Having lost my emails I changed to another account... however then I had to link it to my blog - which was fine for getting my comments sent to me.....
but when I wanted to comment I still used the old email which is no good to me because I like replies.....

Through looking up on the internet it seemed the way forward was to pass ownership of the blog to my new account... sounds straightforward but it was log in with new name, do something, log out, log in with old name, do something, log out, log in with new name, accept invite, log out, log in etc......
.... you get the picture.....

Anyway... I have lost my past emails and now have a new address
and I had to sort out so I am no longer 'No reply' (thanks Marina)
because I like replies...

then I lost the connection for my 'Next' button
and the links to the blogs I read
and changed back to the old format of posting which messed up everything....

and.... and... and....

after lots of support from wonderful bloggers


who have helped  IMMENSELY - it is all coming together

The only thing now (I think) is linking up to the blogs I read...... it will take a bit of time as I need to physically 'follow' again but it can be done

I have a link to a list of my blogs (thanks Linda)
and have linked up again with the Next button (thanks Linda and Karen)
(makes reading and commenting so much quicker for me)

I do appreciate everyones support - bloggers are so great...

I now have a new profile picture ..............

and a new format

.... A NEW ME.....

Onto some cheerfullness....

this is a very cute little quilt book..... I love the fresh designs....

out of the ordinary shapes

... well, anything with a birdie will catch my eye....

soft, cuddly prettiness.....

modern small quilts....(I want to do one of these SOON)

What do you think?
I am close to 200 posts AND one year of blogging.....
So as a way of celebrating I am happy to send this book to you
Just let me know on this post and Mr Random will do his 'thingy' on Friday....

(not everyone wants a baby quilt book and I am happy to find an alternative)
and if you don't want a quilting book... there might be something else this week that you do want
.... you never know....

I suggest you don't blog about it... it will just increase the competition!! haha and anyway I'm a bit of a meanie - my giveaways are always for you regular readers and if you're reading this you must be one!!
Meanwhile I am off to play with these.......
Portabello Market by 3 Sisters for Moda

I hope you can spend some time in your Happy Place today

I feel much better now....


  1. So glad you got it sorted, we can't have you missing out on anything in blog land!!!! Linda x

  2. Oh how awful for you to have to go through all that trauma...good thing you had medicinal chocolate on hand...and bloggy friends to help you your new profile picture...what a gorgeous little house you stitched...have fun playing with your Portabello Market...

  3. It's amazing what can be done with wine, chocolate and clever bloggy friends....I'll bring wine and choc...cleverness isn't my thing!

  4. It seems like you have been having a party not computer
    Oh no who spilled the wine?
    200 is quite an achievement, more wine to celebrate?

  5. Wow 200 blogs in one year congratulations. Hope the computer trouble ends. Looking forward to seeing your next project love this fabric range.

  6. whow Cograts Fiona and i hope that wasn't your carpet that the wine fell over on.Good to have you back again new and fresh,lol.

  7. Love the new look blog, and on 200 posts. The baby book is gorgeous. with 5 grandies (all under 2), and one more due in December I am always on the look out for fresh modern baby quilts. If I am not lucky enough to with this you will have to let me know where I can purcahse one.

  8. Good to hear you are making some headway with it- I've done the bit about changing over from one email to another so I know it is a bit of a fiddle, but worth it to get you back online again. I've never used a "next' button so is that hard to set up?

  9. Well done sounds like it has been a very frustrating couple of days...but looks like there may be a light in your the fabric..

  10. Oh how I do love that little applique and stitchery house you made a little while ago - it is so fitting for you! I am glad you've worked out most of your blogg-ie issues and are now back up and running, so to say. The 'new look' blog is very nice!
    Congratulations on 200 posts in 1 year - that's an outstanding achievement!!

  11. congratualions on nearly 200posts. Love your new look and sorry you hade so much trouble, but with the help of your wine choccie and friends it's sorted. Clever you.
    Enjoy playing with the fabrics.

  12. It looks to me as if everything is turning out just right in the end.
    A new you - pretty impressive!
    And who wouldn't want a lovely book like that?
    Now remember the recipe that sorted all this out - chocolate, wine etc - in case any of us need it in the future!!
    Good luck!

  13. I wanted to do what you have done and when I got to approx the middle movement I chickend out and put it all back again ....well done !!!

    I did manage to change my email with out the whole thing .... but still sign in with Yahoo ... it does cause me urghhhh! on ocassions but am able to live with it.

    Happy stitching Hugs Laurie

  14. Love your new profile pic. Glad your computer problems are fixed, more time for blogging, reading & sewing. Tracee xx

  15. I love your new look Fiona, even though you had to go through so much to get there.. I have different pass words for my email accounts and I dread getting dementia!! Menopause brain is bad enough!! The baby book is beautiful.xx

  16. Glad to see you have things worked out I would have been lost forever LOL not really one of my many bloggy friends would have helped me out (wouldnt they) sure they would love your new fabric cant wait to see what you have for show and tell soon

  17. Oh my this sounds just dreadful , don't think I would have known where to start but glad you found some help and got it sorted out .I love your new look too !The baby book looks adorable and those fabrics you are about to work with are gorgeous . Have fun. hugs Sheila

  18. So pleased you were able to get things sorted out - with some "comfort" help and some friends to help. Your new look is so fresh and clean looking.
    Now hopefully you can go back to enjoying your blogging time without hassles.

  19. I am so happy to have all your blog troubles sorted! That book looks adorable even if i don't want to make baby quilts! 200 posts- you have been busy!

  20. I am glad that you feel much better....computers can be so frustrating and blogger sometimes does not make it easy.

    The book looks like it would be interesting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Oh Fiona, What a terrible thing about your computer troubles. Glad things are coming along now for you. I would deffinately be into that RED LIQUID to help me too. Our oldest son infact made his own wine from the grapes on his property. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sssssOOOO GOOOODDDDD. Thinking of you. Dianne

  22. Oh goodness. The book looks delightful eventhough baby quilts. Hope you have a great day!! Hugs Kim

  23. Love the designs you showed, what a fun book.
    I want to do charity quilts and something like that would be fun for kids too.


  24. Oh Fiona, have fun with those gorgeous fabrics!
    Sounds like you've earnt it after working through some very frustating issues.
    Bloggers are the best!!!

  25. I love your new look, you have chosen a beautiful photo for your header. Computers are so wonderful until they go wrong!!

  26. Hello Fiona,

    I see Mr Pro has been visiting your place. He just loves messing up carpets doesn't he. Glad you got it all sorted and have fun playing with your new material.
    happy days.

  27. Isn't technology wonderful? I do like your new look!

  28. I am so glad in all of that we didn't loose you... and that you had some great helpers to get you back on track.... love the picture story too... :D

    have a good weekend

  29. OH Fiona you poor thing..what a hassle. I know I am tempting fate but I dread anything going wrong as I wouldn't have the nouse to fix it. So glad you are back again. Thanks for the chuckle over the wine and chocolate. I really could feel your frustration coming through strongly.

  30. I am sorry you had such a time getting every thing in working order. The new look is great, well worth the time and trouble it took. I can struggle with something on the computer or blog for hours and my daughters can fix it in seconds. Wine and choclate can help in many ways!

  31. Oh I would love to have the magazine. I've wanted to see if it's something I would subscribe to and this would be ideal.

    Thanks for your generosity, Fiona.


  32. Glad to hear things are coming together. I hope this never happens to me - I might just pack it all in. And you're still cheerful despite the spilled wine on the carpet:) I would love the book. I have lots of babies arriving on my periphery shortly.

  33. Love your new look! I've found there's not much that can't be fixed by red wine and chocolate. lol Happy to hear that things are back on track for you, have a great day, hugs, Nicky.


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