Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey, Mr Postman ....

Do you find there is nothing but miserable bills in the posts for ages ... and then suddenly it changes???

... well... this last couple of weeks Mr Postie has come visiting (actually it was a Ms Postie... because Mr Postie is going on a few days holiday - which is well deserved I might add... we live up a hill and it is jolly cold these days... so it must be horrible going around on the scooter ...... you really feel you should have a flask of hot chocolate waiting on the post box..... anyway, I digress, I love those days he..... or she.... actually pops down to the house because I have to 'sign' for my parcel.....)

Firstly I got my fabric kit I bought from Bec....
(Bec has these amazing clear out occasions which I love........)
thanks so much Bec

...... look, look, pretty, pretty......

all that prettiness..... it's a block of the month kit.....

this is how I will need to piece them.... for Leanne Beasley's Butterfly Garden.....

then there is stitching to do and needleturn to learn....
~ this is the most adventurous I have been ~

.... I have to be patient and wait for the pattern but you can see what Bec is doing with hers HERE and Nicky has one HERE 
~ please let me know if you have done one - I would love to have a look at yours too ~

Then Miss/Mrs Postie asked me to sign for this parcel......

you can imagine how my eyes lit up with pictures of jelly beans and liquorish allsorts

My Winter Swap Item from Larain (no blog) ......

even though we live up in Queensland (tropical/temperate) we get jolly cold (today we are hovering between 4 and 11 degrees) - (thats 39.2 and 51.8) in a house made for hot weather - french doors and large windows.
.. thank goodness I was to spend the morning at a quilt shop that has a wood fire going.... yes - really ... I took a picture.....)

This lovely white fluffy hot water bottle cover (with bottle inside of course) is now being well used.....

thanks so much Larain... there is something so comforting about a hottie bottle on the tum tum ......

~ and Hubz is also delighted to have a bit of fluff to cuddle up to ~

.... well then Mrs/Miss Postie came by again......

I had won this lovely pattern at Julie's place

A beautiful Chrismas quilt... look at all that yummy pretty stitchery to do.....  thanks Julz

Julz has some fantastic patterns - Christmas Blessings and Summer Garden are her new ones .... go have a look over HERE.....

and then today when I got back from the quilt shop with a wood fire burning these were waiting for me....

~ a wonderful unexpected surprise all the way from Annette in Canada ....

Crazy for Candles is a candlemat using Crazy Quilting... a technique I haven't tried so it will be wonderful to make a small project for my first time crazy quilting
Santa Snowflakes can be a runner or a banner and will be perfect for one of my monthly Christmas items

don't you just love those gifts that just come out of the blue... thank you so much Annette

Annette is a very experience quilter.... and teaches classes - including using these patterns..... she is a new blogger - I hope you can stop by her place In Stitches and Seams and say Hi.... my guess we will learn lots reading Annette.....

I'm going to be busy

So... did you believe me about the wood fire in the fabric shop.............

I'll show you next week what I was getting up to......
at Quilters Angel - pop over there and look at the beautiful new BOM Steph has made and is now available in their colours ..... Toytime Circus

Would love to chat... but I have some quilting to do and some stitching to trace out...... a hot water bottle to fill and a cup of tea to make...


  1. Oooh you lucky duck, Fiona. Such a lot of fabulous goodies. Have fun.

  2. What wonderful parcels that arrived at your house. Almost as good as my goodies! Will look forward to seeing the butterfly garden coming together. It is a lovely pattern. Should keep you out of mischief for a bit!
    Your new patterns are great too.
    My kind of patchwork shop.

  3. Fiona what wonderful goodies you received ,it must've seemed like xmas at your place this week,lol.
    I love my hot water bottle and your new one is so pretty.

  4. Oooooh you lucky thing, what lovely mail you get :o) ... sadly most of mine have windows :o/. LOVE the wood fire in the quilt shop, which store is that?? I bet you didn't want to leave lol.
    Joy ;o)

  5. Lovely goodies..lots of fun ahead there. I have the fire on to today. Wondering about now why I insisted on ripping up the carpet to polish the floors. BRRR!

  6. Your posts are always so exciting(both blog and the mail variety lol.)
    Your BG fabrics are so pretty and you have some lovely things to keep you busy, enjoy!

  7. Oh, what fun your mail has become - there are a lot of gorgeous goodies there! I am especially loving that hot water bottle cover! Mine is getting a workout at the moment (hot water bottle in Darwin ... who knew?! LOL, it's Freezing here!), but unfortunately it doesn't have a cover atm.
    Our place is louvered for those 'buildup' breezes (3000+ in all!) and there are times in this dry season that I really wish we could have a wood burning fire going - I am really considering it if I ever get the opportunity to buy or build my own home ... even though I would be considered CRAZY, living here in Darwin!!

  8. What wonderful post you have been receiving.Can't wait to se wht you make with your fabris and you have some great stitchery's to do too.

  9. You have certainly received some wonderful, fun mail lately. Who knows, you just might be receiving some more soon! ;o)

    That quilt shop with the wood stove going looks so very, very cozy and inviting...I think it would have been fun to just stay there and sew (or shop!) the day away!




  10. What a lovely place to spend some time and some money....lucky you with all the parcels..thanks for sharing all the links.
    Mama Bear

  11. Looks like you are going to be having some fun with all of your goodies. While you are trying to keep warm there, we are trying not to melt with 90℉ here. At least you got to keep warm in a nice quilt shop. Enjoy.

  12. What wonderful packages you've had in the mail,LOVE that hot water bottle cover! And oh that quilt shop looks wonderful. I wish I could be there right now!

  13. Hello Fiona,

    A lovely post, lots of goodies to keep you busy. I didn't realise it got that cold in Queensland.
    happy days.

  14. Oh you lucky duck! You've got some wonderful things there. It's getting to be the weather to stay indoors and sew and you've got plenty there to keep you busy!

  15. Oooh, loverly!!! The kit is gorgeous - can't wait to see it all made up!

  16. Oh my! The postie must almost be your favourite person ... lots of lovleyness to be enjoyed.

    I've stood by that fire when it was cold, bleak and miserable outside ... so inviting and a lovely shop.

  17. glad you like the patterns ... thanks for the nice comments on my behalf ...hope I can live up to your expectations..... I sure will give it a try.
    in stitches Annette
    p.s. I have the kettle on here too


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