Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All in a Weekend's work.....

G'day, I do hope your week is going well.....

The Celebrate Friendship block is finished and off in the post.......

Sharing a cuppa with a friend......

..... is always special....

My free motion quilting is nowhere near perfect but it is improving... and I love going into my 'Happy Place' with it....

That's a UFO finished... it's also a project finished for OPAM..... yippee....

Oh... Kathleen, if you are reading today... thanks so much for coming by..... you wanted to know about the pattern for this stitchery.... I haven't seen it sold separately.... it is part of a BOM series in Homespun last year.... (by the way your message arrived as a no reply so I couldn't get back to you...)

... and I have done this cute Chilly Penguin for my 'Tis The Season Sew-A-Long...

The temperatures are going down here down-under and we are starting to feel like Chilly Penguins ourselves

Marina saw my Wiscasset quilt and offerred some unused layer cake for the back....  see what arrived in the post last week... there is enough for a fantastic backing..... thanks so much  Marina... aren't these colours delicious?

.... these are the tea towels I sent Judy over in Tasmania for the swap - I sent one of the vintage ones I had made and then another with a 'new' cloth
..... they have arrived with her and to my relief she loves them

Just to show you I am not lagging behind in my ironing....

I just got a bit ahead with the washing......

Phew - after all that work I need a snack....

Pikelets SOAKED in Maple Syrup


  1. Your pieces are so fun, beautiful work.
    I can't even finish one in a day.


  2. Lots of fabulous things on display today. I love that little penguin.

  3. Your Celebrate Friendship block looks great. So does the penguin. I am thoroughly enjoying those stitcheries, too. So quick and easy to complete.

  4. Oh oh oh - your celebrate friendship is DARLING - sweetie, the quilting is wonderful! I know that happy place you speak of, but in my case it doesn't last through the finish, lol. Love the chilly penguin. And those towels are darling! I need to pull out my vintage linens stash.

    I love how you describe your ironing pile - just got ahead on the washing - you crack me up!

  5. I'm so glad to see someone else gets way ahead in the washing, not behind in the ironing LOL - I love it!

    Your friendship block is darling and the quilting is perfect. Love your little penguin block too - such a cutie.

  6. Yummo....pikelets and maple syrup, what a good idea. Your work is lovely!

  7. I see the snack and forget everything you said. I can remember that celebrate friendship block though. It looks lovely.

  8. lovely free motion work - sets of the stitching just lovely!

  9. Now that is the best way to look at things, ahead with the washing! I like it. I will definitely use that I can see.

    Your friendship block is wonderful. I haven't tried free motion quilting yet. Must do one day.

  10. Gee Fiona you are smoking hot look how much you have sewn,well done,love it all

  11. Very cute friendship block. I never realised how efficent I am in the washing department....I am always a long way ahead. Pancakes and maple syrup. Yum.

  12. your quilting is great, and the block looks like a fun one.
    I have solved the washing/ironing dilemma I don't iron I just fold, if anyone wants something ironed it's DIY.
    I have finished my tts blocks and am ready to make the top! Loving it!
    I'll have tea with my pikelets please.

  13. Your Celebrate Friendship has turned out just beautifully! You've done a great job with the quilting! Well done!

  14. Is that like Pancakes?
    Your piece is wonderful. I want to try the free motion swirls. I just havent had the nerve yet. Your work is suberb. Have a fantastic day! Hugs, Kim

  15. Love the friendship block and the penguin is cute as a button and kind of suitable for our rather chilly wet weather today ;-) What are pikelets?

  16. Bubz.....so many wonderful things are happening in your world.......love it all...

  17. Yum. I am on my way for some pikelets. Perfect for this cooler morning.
    Love the Celebrate Friendship, such pretty colours.

  18. Hello Fiona,

    Oh someone is so very lucky to receive that first piece. Just love the Friendship block.
    Lots of lovely goodies to see today and even some maple syrup. Yum.
    Happy days.

  19. Ooh Fiona - my mouth is watering after seeing those pikelets! I'm glad to see an overflowing pile of ironing... it means there is some fun being had in the sewing room!!

    Love your creations sweetie! That little penguin put a smile on my dial - so cute!

    Hugs!! Vikki xo :-)

  20. You've done a great job, the block is stunning! I am so behind with my ironing I've actually run out of clothes!

  21. your free-motion quilting has a really lovely and unique drawing quality about it. it seems perfect to me. don't change it.

  22. Fiona, your towel toppers are beautiful... well done. I'm so glad you played along with us! :)


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