Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas.....

So... can anybody tell me where May went?

This month I did a project from the Tis The Season booklet by Natalie Bird.....

It's a cute little Christmas cushion....

Even though it's not Christmas I hope the angels watch over you

and special thoughts for the people in USA affected by these fierce tornadoes - so sad

I also did this Santa Sack
but I won't be showing you what goes inside
(that's a secret!)

Thanks to Narelle and Allie for encouraging us to get some Christmas goodies made

and I am always looking for freebies... if you have any spare TIME I would love to take some off you...

I can promise a good home for it

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.....


  1. Love the licouricy allsort colours and fabric on the Santa sak.

  2. I have no idea where May has gone Bubz....gorgeous cushion and Santa Sackbut...and what is happening in the States is just terrible...

  3. I know, May has whizzed by. I love your cushion and Santa sack - just beautiful.
    My thoughts are with everyone in the States, it must be very frightening.

  4. Santa is a real sweetie and your angel cushion is lovely.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Christmas Sewing :)

  5. lovely Christmas finishes. The santa stitchery is very cute and cheery.
    If you find someone with spare time please give them my address too.

  6. Beautiful gifts love the pillow and the sack.

  7. Beautiful festive stitching. Love the santa sack...wonder whats going in there????

  8. Great stitching Fiona. The Santa on the sack is so jolly :)
    I'm sorry but I might be sucking up some of your time. I had time to blog, time to have a rack of lamb for lunch, time to sew and time to read and time to wander a bit in the garden and eat an orange off our tree. Perhaps I will throw some your way tomorrow :)

  9. How cute is your cushion stitchery and I just love the santa sack too.

  10. Oh Fiona, that little pillow and the Santa sack are just soooo cute! Your stitching is beautiful. I've been intending to join Allie's Christmas project but haven't gotten one single thing made yet! Yikes!

    And I have to agree with you...May flew by in a whirl...of mostly rain and wind here, but a whirl nonetheless! Time does seem to be fleeing and I sure wish it would slow down a bit!



  11. Your little cushion is adorable. I like Natalie's patterns and have used one to make a needle case for a swap recently.
    The Santa sack is a great idea.
    Don't know where May went but the 25th seems to come around so quickly.

  12. These are adorable.....both! I don't even know where this month went....can I have it back?

  13. oh what little cutiesd.. you give me the christmas spirit for sure.. even know its 100º here today... cute little stitcheries..I wish I could get May back too..

    prayers for all this affected by the horrible mother nature events all over the world..

  14. I like the way the little pillow turned out...I have been thinking about other projects I can do with the stitchies. I've made extra for the wall hanging but no more, however, those two, the Angel and the Heart are my favorites and I may do something with them for gifts.
    And thank you for posting your sack. I wasn't too sure how it was supposed to look....trying to think of a way to close it and you gave me a tip...I like that you added a stitchery to me ideas.
    You're an inspiration,
    Thanks for thinking of us here and the destruction caused by the will take time to recover from April 27 and they just keep coming..luckily we didn't have any thing bad this past week but OK and MS did.
    Mama Bear

  15. You are right May just flew by. I love your your little embroideries. You inspire me to busy making things for the tree. They are so sweet. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  16. No sure where May went but it went the cushion.........and the Santa bag.........

  17. Those are both so pretty. I don't think I've seen that angel stitchery before but I really enjoy the sentiment. With the sack you've given me an idea of how to use a stitchery that I've finished.

  18. Congrats on finishing up May's gift. Love the Santa stitchery. Sweet pillow. (I didn't get quite finished...but got a good start on June's ;)

  19. It will be Christmas before you know it. Time does just fly!

    And no tornadoes today. Finally!

  20. They're both adorable - I really like the fabrics on the Santa sack - just luscious!

  21. Simply gawjus Santa Sack!!! Oh Fiona I can't believe how quickly time seems to be passing us by this year!! It's almost the end of May already!!!
    Big hugs,
    Joy :o)

  22. WOW girl!! Those are gorgeous! You are going to be SO ready for Christmas!
    If you find a source for free time, PLEASE share. I could use another six months.

  23. Your sack is cute I sent mine too when it get to the home will post my sack. This fun working on next months. What's the next swap Laura

  24. Hello Fiona,

    What happened to those months before May? Santa looks a happy chap,hope is bag is soon full.

    Happy days.

  25. These are great gifts!! I have to say that Santa sack is ADORABLE!! Where did you get that pattern from? He is such a cheerful looking fellow compared to some Santas. Have a wonderful holiday!
    Hugs, MIckie

  26. How cute! You are well on your way for Christmas!

  27. Lovely angel cushion and I really Love your Santa Sack
    Very cute :)

  28. Both your santa sack and cushion are lovely. Before we know it we will be opening our santa sacks to reveal all our goodies.

  29. Cute stitcheries! I love the santa sack.

  30. Oh Fiona... your sack is fantastic. How much fun is this.. getting goodies in the mail from now until Xmas! Way to go!

  31. Gorgeous sack. Love the cushion


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