Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's a Picnic Party ........

I don't usually manage to attend Melody's Teddy Bear's Picnic but since Widget had a party this weekend we have some attendees to show ....  I know I'm awfully late.......

"Hello, Hello... says Nana (me).... " I do love parties...."

"Yawn" goes Pops, "This is usually my time for an afternoon snooze....."

Some teddies arrived in the most splendid stretch limo's.....

and we all had some games.... going round and round....

... and playing Follow My Leader......

... then we all had to park on the side....

... It was time for some Birthday Cake....
(you have to admit DD did an amazing job of this....- all home made...... a soccer ball filled with lovely chocolate cake)

and jelly's in orange skins.....

... then it was time to say goodbye.... there were some grumpy faces I can tell you....

Pops was really grumpy.... he was just getting into the swing of things after all that cake!

.... only one Teddy couldn't cope with it all..... (too much cake I think!!)

A Teddy Bear's Picnic will brighten everyone's day and bring back the smiles!!

Can you tell I had fun making goodies for the party? 
I wish the other grandies were closer so I could do them more often!

And little Widget LOVED them .....
he ate the wheels first
then the teddy (shhhhh - incase the others hear!)
and finally the chassie

and he tried to kick the cake
well... logical really ...

Pop along to Melody's and join the picnic fun today


  1. How special for you to make the teddy cars for the party.
    Love the comments.

  2. Fun post! I think you had more fun than Widget!!!

  3. great post...those little teddy cars are so cute!
    looks and sounds like everyone had a fun day...especially the cook!
    cheers Julz

  4. Love the fun, I went to my great nephews first birthday and christening last Saturday and he had these teddy cars. I didnt realise they all have different faces. (I ate one too, dont tell teddy).

  5. Ohhhh. How much FuN was that PoSt !
    Thanks :)

  6. I laughed out loud. Thank you. A lovely end to my evening.

  7. Thank you for a smile today , that was the cutest post , loved how you told the story .What a cute party idea and your daughter did an amazing job.

  8. Hi Fiona.
    You have given me the best laugh for the day. Your teddies are wonderful - what a great idea for a birthday party.
    But I think you had the most fun setting up the photo shot. There's definitely a storyteller inside you.
    I will watch out to see if there is another installment of the teddy tales!

  9. That was a hoot....what a way to start the day with such a fun post!!

  10. I think we should all pretend we are two, that looks like too much fun for a party.
    Thanks for the giggle.

  11. How cute are your teddy bears. That was a good Teddy's Picnic" story. The soccer ball is amazing too.

  12. Those teddies are too cute! And so tiny!

  13. Too cute. You have a very creative DD.

  14. How cute!!! What a fun little story too. Hugs, Kim

  15. Those are so cute - and that cake looks so yummy!!!! What a great party idea!

  16. What a great lot of teddies to bring to the picnic. Just loved your post.

  17. Glad to hear little Widget had such a grand birthday. I will expect to have a fleet of teddie cars next club day?????.

  18. That was soooooo good Fiona. Just loved the pics. The teddies in the cars were just too cute. The cake was amazing and my 17 year old would have loved that for his birthday! Thanks for the giggles xx

  19. I just loved it. I laughed so hard my husband wanted to know what I was laughing at.I especially loved the stretch limos. They were all just gorgeous and you are so clever. I have put that idea away for my Grandies. I am glad the 'birthday boy' had a great time.Great post...thanks!

  20. Hey Fiona! Well ... what's not to love about teddies?!?! Especaially these sweeties! :0) Hmmm ... I think I've seen these little fellas before somewhere! :0) No wonder you Widget loved them ... grumpy Grandpa and all! Had a giggle at the cake kicking ... he could start a new party trend! Tee! Hee! Hee! Hope your weekend has been fabulous! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  21. I love the teddy cars you made, is there a recipe on line for these or did you just make them up yourself? DS2 is turning 3 next month and I need a new idea...we have had homemade lamingtons in the back of wooden train carriages (made by my Dad) for the last two years! Happy quilting Sue SA


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