Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

I love things that make my life easier..... so I am very happy with this Treasure .......

my light box
it's pretty big 25" x 21"
so easy to work with

My other treasure made it
you know
the tall handsome one
rounder than when we met
who still has darker hair than me
(yes, I know I could colour mine but I quite like the cougar look)

A treasure from my Treasure

That's one of Kaaren's Raggedy Friends blocks

My DIL was doing stitching whilst she was visiting
(glad I have some influence!!)

I had some plain baby grows
so she brightened them up a bit

~ they are for a future Treasure ~

Gecko on the front and back

Elephants linking all the way round 
 other side

Mr Wol

Baby elephant

Bare Bum
(looking for patterns she googled Bare Bum - not recommended! but then she is pregnant so has an escuse)

they are adorable
can't wait to see them filled up

I am going off to Melody's to see who else has some treasure ....


  1. Hi fiona.
    Thank you so much for your visit, and the nice comment.
    I love the elephants. and you light boxes really cool.

    How's things at your neck of the woods. Lots of prayers coming your way.
    take care.

    -Samya :-)

  2. What a wonderful large light box and I love the baby clothes just adorable .

  3. Gosh there are 'many' wonderful things going on here.
    Cougar... ha ha ha
    I love that you love your treasures, especially the tall darker than you one :)
    ooh a light box...that would be handy...best get my tall dark treasure on the job too *grin*
    Have a great day! xx

  4. I have to get my treasure to make a treasure box..aka light box.. for me too!

  5. Nice light box, beats taping patterns to a window. Your baby clothes are so darling. You have a lucky DIL.

  6. What a wonderful treasure Fiona. You have reminded me of my own light box my Dad made for me. I had completely forgotten about it. It resides at his home because I don't have any room for it here. Thanks :-)

  7. Hello Fiona,

    Lots of treausres here today including tall dark handsome men!!!
    Love the growsuits with the elephants especially.
    Have a fantastic day.

  8. If I've left this comment twice please delete one...
    I have a light box made by my "treasure" as well. Mine doubles as a warming spot when I'm making wine and works great for both functions. Lucky us!

  9. I've got a home made light box too and don't know how I managed without it. (Lots of taping patterns to the window actually - meant I couldn't trace at night)
    I love the stitching on the baby grows especially the elephants.
    Thanks for being part of Tuesday Treasures.

  10. Awww. he's a keeper, that's a great light box!! Oh Fiona those baby outfits are so darling, they'll look even cuter when filled...*G*

  11. Love the baby stitchings. Maybe ill need a light box one day, but I dont know what id use one for at the moment.

  12. Wish I had a light box, but luckily mum has one. Lovely treasures.
    Boy are you going for the cougar look? My boys say I have the Cruella D'ville look happening big time! lol
    those baby suits are too cute. Definitely looks like you have converted dil to the 'dark side'.
    She has done a great job.

  13. I love my light box too, a definate treasure. The baby suits are gorgeous. toni xxx

  14. Great light box. You certainly have a keeper in both! Love the baby suits. Nola

  15. I love the baby clothes, such a cute idea,

  16. Your light box is a treasure, but this baby have a treasure too.

  17. So much to look at in this post :0) the baby clothes are absolutely adorable! Wow - fantastic light box - mine is tiny so I am drooling over yours - your hubby did a great job.

  18. oh those baby grows are adorable, what a fab idea!


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