Monday, January 3, 2011

The stitching continues.......

I find I am always a bit reflective with a New Year .......

Here in Queensland Australia so many people are struggling with mud and water from the floods..... personally we could not go into town for one day - a very minor thing and it was a bit exciting for us.  Hubz work has had some damage but it is only 45 minutes away and that little town is struggling with having drinking water ONLY - in spite of the water everywhere! We have friends further North who were evacuated and are presently 'cleaning up' - yucky, thick, slimey, smelly mud......And there are heat waves and drought affecting other parts of Australia, the big freeze in Europe and America, strange storms and other hardships.... many of them personal .....

In spite of all this I find crafters get on and craft ....... it is a great release for all of us..... bloggers blog and find our friends help walk us through difficulties, cry when we cry and laugh when we laugh......

Today I took down our decorations - to me they help celebrate the birth of Christ and bring families together, celebrate the end of one year and the start of another...... taking them down is a step to an orderly year.......

~ I try to be orderly - every first week of January! ~
I haven't done much blog reading and writing - enjoying the family and also having a slow computer for a short while....

I want to tell you about a new BOM by Jenny of Elephantz called Give Thanks.... it is really lovely (as all Jenny's patterns are so I will be doing this one and I already have someone in mind to make it for.  
You can go HERE to read more about it. 

In the meantime my hands have not  been idle...... and DIL has helped with the blocks for her baby quilt....
~ every barn has a cat ~

  ~ this little piggie went to market ~
~ DIL did her first applique stitching on this one ~
(DES likes his Holden ute)

  ~ the geese are flying overhead ~

~ the horses trot past the house ~

 ~ can never be only ONE cat ~

~ the geese are honking ~

~ washing needs to be done ~
(another by DIL - she is a BONDS underwear fan)
hasn't DIL done fantastic work
(it's really not fair - took me months to get to this consistency!!!)

~ all the blocks on the table ~

~ starting to put them together ~
~ a personalised post-box ~

~ there's chooks in the yard and cows in the field ~

~ very Australian fencing round the farm ~

~ the blocks are sewn and the layers are pinned together ~

~ so now I have to clear some space and start quilting ~
DES and DIL have gone off to the coast for a couple of days so I can spread out and quilt

~ I am always a bit frightened at this stage of a quilt ~

~ maybe a glass of wine will relax me ~
~ I might need two ~


  1. love love love it and you have sewn so much with a little help... take a deep breathe a few sips of wine and you will be fine xxx

  2. Maybe you don't need that...this is going to be so cute..

  3. Adorable blocks, such fun and what a lovely project to spend time together with DIL. Can't wait to see it all put together Chrissie

  4. your blocks just look fantastic. I can't wait to see it all together. Looks like dil is a convert to applique and perhaps she will want to do patchwork too.
    Maybe you should get a beer stein fill it with wine and knuckle down and quilt, quilt, quilt.
    Enjoy (hiccup)..:)

  5. The blocks are looking so lovely. Hmmm I usually find at least 2 glasses helps with any tricky situation.

    Fee X

  6. The blocks look fantastic. Well done to both your DIL and you - beautiful work. Will be waiting to see it all quilted and cuddly.

  7. WoW what fun quilt. It is so personal. You must have worked allot and the cutting.Will be nice to see finished.
    The weather has been so not natural any where. We where stranded for two days at my daughters. Thanks not out in the storm. But home now and trying to get with it again.Laura

  8. Fiona , that is one of the cutest quilts I have seen , so creative and full of fun too ,love it !Have an extra glass for me will you ;-0
    hugs SHeila

  9. What I've seen so far is lovely ..... looking forward to seeing it all together and done!

  10. Wow those quilt blocks look just great, can't wait to see it all finished. You have been doing well. I'm hoping to pick up some reading glasses so that I can continue my hand sewing...don't have a problem reading, but don't seem to be able to see the handsewing anymore. Need to get eyes checked but optometrist is closed for a inconsiderate! ;-)

  11. the blocks look great so have a glass of wine and get laying out and stitching together.........

  12. Saw on the news tonight how dreadful all that flooding is. Glad you are ok and sending happy thoughts and prayers for all those who are not.
    Love all your beauties!!!!
    xx, shell

  13. Sweetie I love this post - yes there are so many strange and terrible things going on around the world - but crafters get on with their craft. We're all the same no matter where we live, we're all neighbors.

    Your baby quilt is amazing - so gorgeous! That is a lot of work in those blocks! Have a glass of wine [small] and relax, you'll do just fine - I'm nervous too with those first few quilt stitches!

  14. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! She is doing soooo well!!!


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