Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aging .... sigh

Have you noticed how they never write in large letters on the Shampoo and Conditioner bottles??? 

In the shower I can't see what I am using

this is one place I don't ever wear my glasses.....


.... then I have to rinse out the wrong one and try again.....

what a waste... maybe that's why they keep the writing small.... for us aging population to waste our money on....

Well, yesterday I fixed it.....

LARGE bottles with press nozzles.... and then nail varnish decorating!

Here's to stress-free showering

Any shampoo makers out there - you'd make a lot of money providing big writing shampoo
.... and I want royalties!

Surplus to Requirements

I noticed on a blog I read a celebratory note of reaching 100 posts
~ well ~
being a bit gaumless I hadn't noticed - you see I forget to look
~ I also got there ~
~ a few posts ago ~
~ so it says when I go into posts ~
~ the bottom of the blog page tells me different ~
~ if I haven't passed 100 I am about to reach it ~

~ so if you have managed to read through all this jumble ~
(and no, I haven't started my first glass today!)
I have a few things seeking new homes....

My subscription to Australian Homespun included a free diary
Its really lovely
But I KNOW I won't use it
maybe one of you will

I loved Robyn's Hootie the Owl softie
so when I won the pattern I couldn't just make one
but I don't really NEED two

I love to try new techniques and usually try and make a small item
~ just to make sure I like doing it before I tackle something else ~
~ fancied the Japanese style stitching of Sashiko ~
~ and made a bag ~
~ it's not me ~
(I'm more of a wine tippling, hippy cougar type)

 very simple bag.... small pockets on the outside

did you know I was going to get rich selling little useful goodies at the market?

~ well it didn't happen ~

~ If you are going travelling these luggage tags work really well ~
~ I have sent some as gifts and have had great feedback ~
~ nice and soft so they don't damage your luggage ~
~ easy to find on the carousel ~

  there's some really bright ones
 some fun ones - would be great for younger travellers
 Ausi print ones for downundertravellers
 japanese print ones for the exotics
 and autumny ones for the seasoned traveller

so if you can provide a good home for one of these let me know
and tell me which of them will suit your surrounds best

no need to blog, tweet, status, belch,.... 
these gifts are for those of you who regularly put up with me
just let me know
(and make sure I can email you back)

On Monday (to allow time for the weekend readers)
I will list all who wants what
and try out Mr Random
or that tall, handsome, sortof round cougar toy will help


Mad about Craft said...

I would love the owl or the diary if you are prepared to ship to the UK

It is lovely of you to pass things on!

Unknown said...

Hi Fiona! Congrats on reaching 100 posts! What a great idea the large-lettered shampoo bottles. Maybe you'll get rich from the royalties... I would love a little something handmade by you! A colourful little travel tag, perhaps? That would make my day!

Just Ramblin' said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! I agree with Michele above about the large-lettered shampoo bottles. I swear manufacturers are making the print smaller and smaller so I have to get out my magnifying glass. I would love the opportunity to win anything, but if you ship to the USA I would enjoy the quilters diary. Have a wonderful day. Nola

marina said...

Hello miss wine tippling, hippy cougar! (should you add visually challenged?)
they are all lovely goodies!
I would love a travel tag to live at my house if you can spare it, we have a big holiday this year-woo hoo! How swish would my luggage look.
ps happy 100-you don't look that old.

Cyndi said...

Hi Fiona! Oh, I can so empathize with you about the shampoo/conditioner bottles. Same thing happens to me...I try squinting to see if I can see better, but nope...can't see a blasted thing without my glasses!

Happy 100th post...catches up with ya before you realize, doesn't it? If you don't mind posting to the U.S., I would love to have one of your adorable luggage tags. My bag could use some fun color! :O)



Allie said...

I'm so with you on the shampoo/conditioner - I've taken to using different colors so I know which is which! I think they count on us wasting some by not being able to read them. ARGH.

Congrats on your 100 posts - this is a lovely give-away! I love your luggage tags, but never go anywhere, lol. Are you posting to the US? Your little owl is darling!

Unknown said...

Congrats on reaching 100 posts..actually I have written on the sham/cond bottles myself in the past for the exact same reason especially when you buy matching your not
I collect Owls & I would love your Cutie...fingers crossed & Thanks for your Generosity...

Barb said...

Ohhhhh a bright luggage tag...thanks so much and congrats on your 100 post.

Melody said...

Hi Fiona,
I too know what its like to grab things when not wearing my glasses. I once grabbed basting spray (doesn't everyone keep it on their dressing table) thinking it was hairspray. All day little bits of lint and leaf and even small twigs adhered them selves to my very sticky hair. I would love to go in the draw for a luggage tag. Thanks.

The Patch Craft said...

Congratulations Fiona on reaching 100 posts. I love the luggage tags, this year we are purchasing new luggage to go on holidays to Hong Kong.

Your diary would be well used and your owl is just devine.

Cheryll said...

How true in the shower... I say the exact same thing EvErY time! Now I may as well be in for a pound (as the saying goes) I would Love the diary and I may be greedy but hubby and I would love a travel tag each. We are off to Canada and bright tags would help us find luggage easily.Thanks for the offer and congrats on the 100!

Cardygirl said...

LOL! I have problems seeing in the shower too!

Isabella said...

good on you reaching 100 post the shampoo idea is soo good dumb me never thought of writting on the bottles, good luck with that random thingie I'm too much of a cluks to try it I get hubby to pick out a name LOL love all your lovely gifts I love the owl like everybody else but anything from you would be great, I might even try to get a copy of that wee owl .

Janet said...

Well I guess I have to count my blessings cause I can read the shampoo and conditioner enough to tell which one is which - well usually anyway... I'd love one of your luggage tags if there are enough to go around. I love orange or Aussie fabrics.

Janet said...

Well I've done it again....I wrote a comment in which I was sort of gloating that I can still read the shampoo bottles ...but once again I dont' know whether I posted it or it is lost somewhere in cyber space. So while I still may have passable eyesight, my computer skills are those of an old grandma who can barely keep up with the times. :) Anyway in case you missed the first one I wrote I'd love one of your luggage tags in orange or Australian, if there are enough to go around.

Bonnie said...

I've been following you since you started, Congratulations!
I would love a luggage tag as I hope to travel to Australia this year to meet my new grandson in person.

Love Bears All Things said...

I want one of each of those..And now you'll call me silly again...ha.

About the eyesight thing: instructions on things seems to be my biggest problem...I do not wear glasses for reading, either, my optometrist still says I don't need them...I don't do anything the normal way..when I reached my 40s, I had to have glasses for near sightedness whereas most need reading glasses...I wear one contact to take care of the problem.
Mama Bear

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