Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

This is a picture Hubz took from our house after a recent storm - the colour in the air was amazing, with a touch of sunlight, the double rainbow and dark clouds.....

The rainbow signifies a promise by God that He is not going to flood all the earth again

We had a lovely trip to the sea-side though it was wet but warm.  I felt so happy to actually swim in the sea (I have long been too afraid to do so)  

The trip home is usually 4 hours, this time it took 9 hours because of the road closes and detours due to the floods.   Towns on the coast and inland are shut off.  Farmers crops and animals have been destroyed. 

It is a major disaster for Queensland. 

Yesterday our city was wrecked by flash flooding, two lives have been lost and there are still others missing.  Last night a nearby valley was being hurriedly evacuated and people were stranded on the top of their houses - this morning I hear there are 8 dead and another 72 missing.

 ~ and it is continutes to pour ~

I can't help but be sad 

Life and Hope in that Rainbow are my Treasures today

Thanks Melody for hosting Tuesday Treasure - it does make a difference evaluating and writing about what I treasure....



  1. It's just so tragic. Hope the missing are found safe.

  2. Fiona, I have been glued to the news and I am still in shock over what happened there yesterday. I hope you are okay and I just had to check in to make sure. Stay safe xx

  3. Hi Fiona,

    I have been wondering about my cyber friends. Are you in Toowoomba? I have an old school friend in Toowoomba, he and his wife own a bakery (I think) there. He said the business is safe but they have been evacuated from their home.
    I hate seeing all of this sadness and distruction and not being able to help. I am part of the Red Cross Disaster Team and we have been put on standby but still no words since before Christmas as to whether we can go help.
    Are you and your family OK?
    Stay safe and take care.

  4. Hello Fiona,

    So glad you had a swim in the sea. I can't believe how much rain everyone in Queensland is copping.We had bushfires down the south of WA yesterday. Homes were lost but the worst thing is they were lit by an arsonist. It makes you wonder about some of the humans on this earth. Hope you have a fantastic day Fiona.
    Stay dry.The rainbow picture is beautiful.

  5. Thank you for sharing this symbol of hope.

  6. Durante muchos años sufrimos inundaciones en nuestra ciudad...
    Por eso entendemos lo que están pasando...
    Lo más terrible es que el problema no termina cuando bajan las aguas... recién ahí comienzan a verse los daños.
    Pero, tenés razón, Dios siempre pone una esperanza nueva cada día.

  7. Hi Fiona,
    I've been thinking of you and my other blogging friends in Qld and the other flood ravaged parts of Australia. The pictures on the TV last night of the flash floods in Toowoomba were terrifying. Thank you so much for sharing the amazing photo of a symbol of hope. Take care.

  8. Bubz.....there are no words to describe what is happening stay safe..xx

  9. Hi Fiona - thoughts and prayers for you and yours, have been watching the news in absolute horror. I really hope things improve soon. Best wishes, Nicky

  10. Hi Fiona - such a touching and symbolic pictute of hope - my thoughts are with you all.

  11. stay safe........just dreadful.........

  12. A beautiful picture with a beautiful message , my heart goes out to all affected by these terrible floods , it is almost too hard to grasp the magnitude of what has happened .My thoughts and prayers are with you ,take care . hugs Sheila

  13. I love your photo Fiona and that promise xx

  14. I think often of you and your fellow Queenslanders and offer prayers for all those who are affected. Glad to hear you are okay.


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