Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quilt Drive

Well - my new baby quilt has left.... such sadness.  I love that the quilt has gone to a home where it is loved.... but I am so sad to see son and DIL leave.. the gaps always seem so long - next time I see them they will be parents.... which is very exciting.

I live just outside Toowoomba where the town was slashed by a torrent of rain.... just a few kilometres down the range the inland tsunami tore through the valley completely  ripping it apart.  Those who were lucky had 7 minutes to get to their roof-tops...... sadly there are too many who were not able.  A number of deaths have been reported and still so many missing.... There are so many houses destroyed and many of them have been left with only the foundation block.  We now have lots of families having to rebuild their lives - emotionally, physically, financially and materially......

There are a number of fabulous activities going on to support (I have included some of these on my right sidebar) - this is one that is specific to our local community...

Marion, who owns one of my favourite local quilting stores ~ The Quilters Angel ~ is running a Quilt Drive to make quilts.  I quote from their leaflet:

"As you are aware, many in our community, (Granthan, Murphy's Creek and Toowoomba) have lost their homes and everything they own.  We would like to help by donating quilts made with love as they begin to rebuild their lives.

We will open our Work Room to all patchworkers to bring along their machine and thread (and fabric if you wish) to create quilt tops which will then be quilted and given to the flood victims.

There are no restrictions on size, and quilts can be made for babies, children, teenagers, and adults.

We will be providing fabric, however if yo cannot make it to a sewing session but would still like to help, donations of fabric and sewing supplies would be greatly appreciated.
(100% cotton only - no smaller than 4")

You can find the article on their blog HERE

I had a chat to Marion this morning - she has done such a lot of work contacting suppliers who have been incredibly generous, and she and her daughter have been busy making up kits so people can just arrive and get down to work.

I know so many of you are already doing one activity or another but if you are able to support this in any way it will be greatly appreciated.... maybe someone knows of a supplier who can send in some wadding, or threads, or fabric ..... It will not be wasted.  Spreading the word about this activity and linking back to the Quilters Angel would be fantastic too.

My thoughts are with people in othre parts of Australia where floods are happening - also floods in Sri Lanka and a landslide in Brazil ..... so many tragic events taking place

Thanks.... hoping for a safe and happy weekend to all of you...


Mosaic Magpie said...

What a fantastic giving nature you have!

Allie said...

Sweetie, you have SUCH a big heart. This is a wonderful effort.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I think the quilt drive is a wonderful idea and will brighten up some of the people who've lost so much.

Sheila said...

I think it is truly wonderful that quilts are being made for these poor people who have lost so much ,wish I was closer I'd be happy to come and sew .I have made some sewing kits to send along so I hope that will cheer someone up just a little.
hugs Sheila

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Them poor people . Where do they start back? Laura

Cyndi said...

My heart is just aching for all of those over in Australia that have been touched by this horrible disaster. I am donating as much and as often as I can, and am praying for you all!



ittybittyandpretty said...

what a great thing to do...i am not a quilter but i know of the shop you are talking about and a lovely blogger 'tag along teddies' whom i am sending some things too so i might add a few supplies as well for her to take out. toowoomba is my home town and i watched in horror the wave that washed through tearing my home town apart. thank you for doing your bit to help our 'brothers and sisters'

Joy McD said...

It is still a lovely feeling to see a quilt head off to its new home where it will be hugged and cuddled :)
Isn't it just incredible the amount of natural disasters happening in the world today. So glad that so many people are helping out..



Cheryll said...

I'm glad you are safe.I've been wondering how my blogger friends have been doing up there in Qld. take care!

Penny said...

Glad to know you are doing fine Fiona.
Isn't it just so sad that so many people are affected by these natural disasters ..and in many places at the same time.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Fiona! Lovely to 'meet' another Toowoomba blogger! :0) And great to hear you're helping Marion and Steph with their quilt drive - aren't they amazing ladies!!! Quilters Angel is referred to around here as my 'home-away-from-home' so perhaps we'll bump into one another there some time. I'm hoping to head out on Friday to lend a hand ... even if I just make the cuppas! :0) Take care - Bear Hugs! KRIS

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