Thursday, December 31, 2015

... end of 2015

It's so hard to believe it is the end of the year .....

My SSCS parcel arrived post Christmas... although I had been anxiously stalking the postie it is rather fun having a parcel after everyones have been and gone!!!

I was sent my pressie from Lyn in New Zealand.....

Firstly I opened my ornament ..

Lyn especially made it to suit me in my new home...isnt it lovely and I will be having it up all year round.  A very cute mobile fob and postcard came with it....

then for the main gift... a project folder 

My picture is not that clear but there is beautiful hand stitching all over the front ... just lovely and so much detail...

Inside are lots of lovely pockets and Lyn included a great magazine and some pretty New Zealand themed fabric... its the NZ Christmas tree I think and we have just planted one in our garden

I have already filled it with my Sampler Block things as its the perfect size and I am always forgetting things when I go to sew....

Thats the pattern book and my note book on one side and my block holder and then various pens and cutters etc in the smaller pockets...

It's just perfect Lyn, I love the fabric, the work done and its already in use.... thanks so much and thanks to Chookyblue for organising this fun swap - it is so appreciated and enjoyed....

A few years ago I joined in with a 9 patch block swap... a bunch of us made blocks and they were sent off and shared around so that we all ended up with an assortment of blocks.  We ended up with a good number of blocks

I have used some of them to start this 'manly' quilt ... here they are with the first line of sashing on... they will be placed with more sashing and blue corner stones to make a single bed size quilt ..

A little while ago I showed off a finished mini quilt I had made using a vintage doily... then I decided it wasn't finished so I added numerous beads... (gosh they take a long time to do!!) and after several evenings of sewing it really is finished!!

A fun project... I really love doing the mini quilting on doilies...  (not so in love with the beading side of it though!)

Widget decided he needs to learn to sew on the machine...  he adores our little dog and wanted to make her a quilt... I persuaded him it's probably a good idea to start with a small project...

we needed a little stool for the pedal (which I put on slow as he likes to drive foot flat!!!)

I was very impressed with his concentration and care...

... he was careful in choosing colours and designs to decorate the edges...

... Tarka gave him big wagging of tail!

A dog mug rug... or bowl mat maybe?

Very sweet ....

Righto, Gotto Go.. those 9 patches aren't going to sew themselves down!

Wishing you a very very Happy New Year... may friendships grow, stitching be done, happy memories made and lots of love spread around....xx


  1. Fabulous post the holder! and wow Go Widget!!!! A Happy New Year to you with much fun!

  2. Oh, didn't he do well! You'll have a marvelous assistant before you know it!! Love the holder, beautifully worked

  3. Late gifts just extend the celebrations. Always love a 9 patch, so simple yet effective. Well done to Widget.
    Best wishes to you all for 2016.

  4. Hi Fiona ,well how clever is widget,love what he made,I also love your projects.
    Wow love your gifts from Lyn,it's such a fun swap xx

  5. Lovely gifts Fiona, worth of waiting a little longer.
    Your nine patch is adorable and little widget is a very clever and generous young man.

  6. Beautiful gifts Fiona. I'm glad they finally arrived. Have a wonderful 2016.

  7. Lovely gifts....your Christmas lasted longer which is nice really. Your quilt will look fabulous and I love the mini too. Isn't it great to see a young man want to sew and he made a very useful mat too.

  8. Beautiful gifts Fiona. Something very nice about a nine patch. Your mini quilt is gorgeous! Widgets efforts are awesome....that is the sweetest thing I have seen for ages xx

  9. Lovely gifts and worth the wait..
    Nice mini and Widget did a great job with the dog mat.

  10. Love your work, but not going to try beading looks very hard! Love the dog bowl mat, what a great first project, look out he will want to make a quilt now he has some experience!

  11. Lovely gifts from Lyn. I love 9 patch quilts. The beading looks gorgeous. Fabulous job Widget. Tarka sure looked happy to have a mat. Hugs,xx

  12. Love your project holder and the pohutukawa fabric...yep is the NZ christmas bush...hope you have lots of space as they can grow big!! The NZ quilting mag is great too. Your 9 patch is looking wonderful and Widget is a star!!! He did a great job with the dog mat!!

  13. Happy New Year Fiona. I'm so glad your parcel arrived, and lyns gifts are gorgeous. Fantastic project holder pattern. Was it really "years" since the 9 patch swap? I guess it is. Great layout, love the symmetry of them. A dog bowl mat is an excellent first project, and widget has done a great job. It's a very handy skill for anyone to have.

  14. Lovely gifts and great colours for the 9 patch swap. Lucky Widget having you teach him to sew. What a great finish.
    Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year.

  15. thank goodness your parcel arrived........Lyn always does something with stitching and it's always great.......thanks for being part of the SSCS this year........

    I must do something with my nine patch blocks too...........

  16. Wow what great things to finish off your end of year post. Loving the little beads on your quilted doily and your project folder is fantastic.
    Widgets sewing attempt is so cute, good to foster an apprentice
    Love your nine patch top that is coming together so well.
    Happy new year and enjoy your sewing! X

  17. Well worth the wait...great SSCS gifts from Lyn, your sampler project looks very cosy in the project folder...go Widget, well done on your bowl mat for Tarka...Happy New Year!...

  18. Happy New Year , Fiona♥
    great finish with all those pretty beads, no wonder it was fiddly... lovely work by Widget... & I can't wait to see your 9-patch blocks come together.

  19. Happy New Year Fiona! Beautiful gifts from Lyn - I love the project folder, I have had one on my to do list for a while. The beading on the doily quilt is so gorgeous and I love the little bowl mat - well done widget! xx

  20. Happy New Year Fiona . What lovely gifts from your swap partner , lucky you . Love your beaded doily quilt , a real masterpiece . Your grandson did a really great job on the doggy mat , creativity runs in the family I see :-)

  21. Hello Fiona,

    That last photo is just so beautiful,you better be prepared for a quilt next time he wants to sew. All the best for projects planned in 2016.

    Happy days.

  22. That project book is amazing, so many gorgeous gifts given and received this year. I was looking at those blocks thinking I know those blocks I know those Great projects happening in your house.

  23. How wonderful to see your gs sewing! A doggie mug rug seems like a perfect first project. Perhaps I can get my gs interested. The nine patch blocks look great. I look forward to seeing the next incarnation with the blue corner stones.


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