Monday, December 14, 2015

'tis the season....

This darling little angel was sent to me by Susan....
made from buttons and special wings and oh so tiny and sweet - the picture doesn't show well but she has a golden halo too!

thank you Susan

I also received a Christmas postcard from Mary in California.... that piecing is to be admired and it has sparkley thread

thank you Mary 

My lovely coaster from Maria .... you can't but help smile at the face of the trumpeter there....

 thank you Maria

As part of the FHFS this year we sent 12 Christmas parcels so we can open one a day leading up to Christmas... I got a lovely bunch of parcels from Marcia and today I opened up this lovely bundle.. A cookbook (cookies!), jar labels, decoration and tea towel... just perfect to play with

thank you Marc...

At the weekend Hubz came home with a new sewing machine for me.... I have had a small one for ages and it has done me so well but it really sounds like a tractor and is on it's last legs

this one is perfect to go with me to places (a Pfaff) and has a nice blanket stitch, tripple stitch and a few decorative ones.  Just what I need and of course I need to make something to try out the blanket stitch which I specially wanted on it...

thank you Hubz 

Toni has a lovely Christmas apron (pattern is a Christmas giftie on her blog) so I got out a vintage table cloth (I love that thicker cotton they were made from) and dug in my Christmas scraps....

I do love Toni's happy patterns and am extra excited for her book which she chats about

thank you Toni 

.. this weekend we hung a few lights outside with Widgets help..... (sorry I mean Pops helped Widget do the job!)

thank you  Widget (and pops)

... and I finally finished off a few more decorations.... 

Righto, Gotto Go... I've got an apron to make....


  1. Wonderful gifts and I love your little ornaments, that is a cute set.
    What a nice husband, always fun to get a new machine and I love my pfaff.
    Mine got me the sit down quilter, for a late bday present, but it is on back order till after the holidays.


  2. Hi Fiona,wow that little angel is so cute from Sue,she is very clever,love your coaster and postcard,enjoy your new gifts my friend and boy full points to hubby bringing you home a new machine,you wont know yourself.I am off to check out Toni's blog now thankyou for telling us about her,hope you have a wonderful day xx

  3. Are you getting any sleep? All these things are happening and I am wondering how you fit it all in.. Love the gifts.
    And the lights are wonderful. Have fun playing with your new toy. I agree with the idea of having a smaller machine to transport when you go places. Great idea.

  4. Very festive! Love your little mitten decorations.

  5. Replies
    1. Love your button angel and other gorgeous gifts from special friends. Gorgeous first parcel from Marc. What a great idea - must remember that for next year. Wow a lovely new machine - bet you're excited Fiona. And LOVE your gorgeous mitten deco's

  6. Wow, a new lucky are you! Don't wear it out before Christmas!

  7. Always so much happening at your place - Widget did a great job!! bet you will have fun with your new toy...glad you like my angel - has Mr postie stopped visiting yet??

  8. What a Sweet button Angel and lots of lovely gifts from Marc.
    Sew nice of Hugz to buy you such a great wee machine... I am sure you will love using it...
    Those ornies you make are gorgeous.

  9. Wonderful presents Fiona and a new sewing machine, wow.
    Your decorations look so pretty. Great job.

  10. wow so much happening there Fiona... love the Festive lights & little stockings... I'm looking forward to Toni's book too... I see a quilt of hers in my 2016

  11. ps I'll be interested to hear your review of your new machine

  12. What a great surprise to get a new sewing machine!
    Lots of lovely Christmas decorations making their way around blog land.
    Such a pretty apron.

  13. Lovely gifts in the post Fiona - the Angel is sweet and I like the card very much. xx


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