Monday, December 28, 2015

A productive break.....

I can see around in blogland that the fat man in the red suit has been and spoilt so many of us....  

At our house we did our main Christmas feast on Christmas Eve with our youngest daughter and her new squeeze and young widget.... we had some fun and far too much to eat including this lovely pavlova that she put together....

they went off on Christmas morning after breakfast and we feasted on left over ham and pavlova for quite a few more meals!!! haha 

before the feasting started my daughter went to town in my car... somebody didn't look where she was going and Uturned straight into her!

Of course I am very happy both her and widget were unharmed though very shaken up ... but I am so very pissed off about my car which is not driveable (the wheel has collapsed in).  Guilty party has no insurance but her car is still okay to drive!


The very best thing over Christmas is our Facetime and Skype calls,  and facebook messages with family and friends spread all over the world.  As always I am very grateful for technology that enables me to do that.

I was so extremely spoilt with pressies from Marc in the FHFS group that I play with -  I blogged about it HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE .  Thanks my friend - I will be thinking of you lots over the years when I play with all those lovely goodies you sent.

I finished quilting my scrappy quilt before Christmas.... I chose to do fairly loose but still custom quilted focussing on the different shapes in the design

this is how I did the HST squares.... 

... a double orange peel which is a bit like a pomegranate look for the 9 patch squares

and my latest favourite orange peel with a twist in the neutral 4 patch blocks....

.. the quilt is 108" square and the binding is on... just waiting to be hand sewn down .... might take a while!

I didn't have a lot left of this hand sewing to do ... this is one of Rosalie Dekker's Scandanavian designs..... I was lucky enough to be given a set of the linen transfers ...

silly me squirted the steam on the iron and have stained the top left just above the design (I may tea stain the whole thing lightly to hide it???) 

My hero Hubz recut my perspex extension to make it fit onto my new machine... I do like working with the extension table so I'm very pleased to have it fixed up now... thanks Hubz

Done a few bits in the garden, have had some very welcome rain and had to stay indoors a bit... so I have been sewing (SURPRISE!)

A couple of things I had made and sent off at Christmas

This is the main present I sent to Cheryl in the FHFS swap..... (I did make other little things but forgot to take pictures!) I've really got to do some of these Natalie Bird designs for myself!

I couldn't resist making up this ginger flat cat for Toni who loves her ginger cats

I think it's so funny ... 

Righto, Gotto Go.... my addictive personality is in overdrive and I'm still sorting through half done things and am working on my Reproduction 9 patches today ......

Have a great day! xx


  1. Glad your daughter is ok, not fun when someone has no insurance, here you have to have it to have a car.
    Love that cat mat, that is a fun mat and nice idea for gifts.


  2. Ohh no! Poor blue car! I am so glad your Daughter and widget were not injured. What a pain! Maes you wonder sometimes why you bother to do the right thing. All your gifts and sewing are beautiful. Leftovers headquarters here too!

  3. So sorry about your car, but happy your daughter is ok. Your Christmas sounds delightful and it looks like you are creating some beautiful projects. I'm inspired by your free-motion quilting for your HST and 9-patch, as I've not tried these before, but have a project that they'd be perfect for. Thanks for sharing.


  4. So glad your daughter and little one are ok but what an absolute pain in the but for you now without a car. Such a shame about your car. Love all your finishes but I the cat mat made my heart skip a beat. Just love it. Take care and I hope you get your car fixed soon xx

  5. Hi Fiona,omg your poor car and I am so glad your daughter and widget are ok,that stinks about the other driver,it's so in fair.
    Sounds like you all had a wonderful Xmas eve feast,that pav looks so yummy,I love your projects,have fun stitching today my friend xx

  6. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas, despite the car disaster. As you say, glad no-one was hurt.
    I will definitely come back for some FMQ ideas when the time comes.
    Best wishes for the New Year and may your creativity continue to inspire us in 2016.
    PS: Pavlova looks delicious.

  7. Oh, dear. I am so sorry about your car but very pleased that no one was injured. Unfortunately you are now the one left with all the problems relating to repairs and paperwork. Good luck.
    I am pleased you have been getting some sewing time and love seeing your projects.

  8. Grrrr indeedy about your the wall hanging you sent to Cheryl, perfect! That flat cat make me smile (and I'm so not a cat person!), love it.

  9. Oh dear - bad news about the car but a relief your family are unscathed. Grrr. Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas - oh a big yay for technology!! Love the gifts you sent away (is there a link for the cat pattern?!) and well done on finishing the big quilt - whew mammoth effort! Have fun with your ufos - mine need attention as well!

  10. Bummer about the car.....good that the family is all right, but that doesn't give you your car back intact, does it? Love the flat cat! Interesting quilting designs, I shall have to keep them in mind.

  11. love that cat, it's brilliant. Hope you can get the car sorted soon, so glad your daughter and little one were safe

  12. Yummy pav, how horrible about the car, but you're right that the main thing is they weren't hurt.
    Great job on the quilting,we've finished the last of the leftovers last night thankfully.
    I know of a great soap that can get out marks if you are interested, I think I did post about it.... Let me know if you're interested. Nothing wrong with an addictive personality lol....can't wait to see your blocks coming together

  13. Dear Fiona,
    great post, so many beautiful pictures and makings. Love the cake, it looks delicious and all these gorgeous stitcheries. Wonderful.

  14. Isn't that always the way with some people. No insurance....their car fine!!! Grrrrr.
    Your daughter should've got a lock of the drivers hair and made a calico doll. lol
    I hope you get your car back on the road Godspeed.
    Hugs, Anita.

  15. LOvely Christmas stuff - but what a bummer about your car - especially now as it will take even longer than normal to fix...

  16. That sucks about your car but very happy that your daughter and the widget are fine...phew!

  17. Busy, busy.....which is great. Not so great about your car, but that can be fixed. Your quilting is getting better and better all the time.

  18. Bummer about the car, people shouldn't be allowed to drive if they dont have insurance! Love the flat cat mug rug...where did you get this pattern, its a hoot!

  19. Oh your poor car - thank goodness no one was hurt!!!! My youngest just got in his second accident of the year and is back to driving my car, I may never get it back. Sigh. Hope it won't take long to fix yours. Your quilting is just beautiful!

  20. Oh bugger about your car! I hope it's fixed soon. I love all your projects, the flat cat! OMG I have to make something like that! GORGEOUS.

  21. Oh bugger about your car! I hope it's fixed soon. I love all your projects, the flat cat! OMG I have to make something like that! GORGEOUS.


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