Wednesday, December 9, 2015

gifts and things....

Now I don't want anyone getting pressie envy but I am showing off today

This is the set of decorations I received from Shez when I went to Melbourne... thanks Shez - your stitching is amazing and I love the bling edge detail

they are looking lovely on my tree already

.. and Melody gave me a giftie too.... at first I did wonder why she thought I would like that pattern (especially in a size 8!) when I realised it is a notebook!  and I sweet pincushion with lovely handsewn detail... Thanks Melody

This is a closer look at the pincushion detail... so sweet...

... and here is a closer look at Shez's amazing stitching..

Now don't get shopping for self envy but I did find a couple of pieces of fabric for my Reproduction Prints quilts ... and some red felt balls I have been looking for... and a lovely tin... I chose a special one for mints for my Hubz....

Now don't get baby envy.... He is a cutie and here he is showing off the Christmas stocking I made for him.... each grandie gets a personalised one....

 Now don't get pressie envy but my FHFS parcels arrived yesterday.... 12 parcels to start opening one a day on the 14th....

I had friends here for sewing and one naughty one said "not a very nice thing for your friend to call you Ho" ....

.. there is a special one for the big day too......

Now don't get decoration envy but Mr Postie also dropped off a decoration and pattern card from Michelle... her little felt decorations are just lovely and delicate. ... and I think you know I love her patterns...

Now don't get Postcard envy but this one arrived for me this week.... it is a 'pounded' leaf and then lovely stitching to highlight it... Came all the way from Eglea in Brazil - I just love it, I real little work of art.

She has a special Brazil tag for the back and her work is amazingly good....

Righto, now that I have spent the morning making you envious I think I will go have a nice cup of coffee and get my day going....... I wonder if Mr Postie will visit me again?


  1. You certainly have been very spoilt but a lovely lady like you should be. Lots of fabulous gifts there for you to open, enjoy!
    Elega made you a beautiful card..she work is always fabulous.
    Well I must away and go for a swim. Beautiful day here today.

  2. Well now I have "everything envy" lol! Such lovely gifts from Shez and Mel...super exciting having all those pretty packages to gently squeeze! Your little grandie boy is adorable xx

  3. Lol love this envy post yep you cracked me up again,I love all your gifts and I am glad you like your decorations,oh your little Beau is adorable and I love his Xmas stocking,enjoy your cupola my friend ,and I hope the mailman is good to you again,lol xx

  4. What a spoiled Ho you
    Wonderful lot of loot with more to look forward to opening.
    Have a very Merry Christmas xox

  5. Oh yes - a bit full of envy now...beautiful presents & decorations...I'm sure the postie will be back!

  6. Those are wonderful gifts and her stitching is beautiful. My favorite ornaments and decorations are the ones my friends sent me.


  7. Dear Fiona,
    lovely presents, so beautiful stitching, and it is all yours. Wonderful.

  8. We know who is NOT on the naughty's list this year lol. So many pressies, all so beautiful and more to unwrapped! My goodness, where will you put all these beauties? I understand why you get so much love; you are a very generous person too and gave a lot all year round. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing. I.N.V.U. lol

  9. No envy - just happiness for you, dear Fiona!!! What a lovely post.

  10. Goodness - you have a great start already, and there are still a few weeks to go!

  11. So many delightful things there. You will have so much fun looking at, using and playing with all the beautiful gifts. Enjoy.

  12. What fun opening all those gifts. Enjoy the process.

  13. What can I say but........I'm envious!!!
    Lovely new decorations for the tree and beau looks gorgeous with his stocking

  14. Lovely gifts from very special friends 🎅🎅🎅

  15. Christmas has come early, Enjoy all your beautiful gifts.

  16. So when Santa says "ho ho ho" he is referring to you & your two sisters?! ha ha.
    Little Beau looks so cute there, what a yummy face he has

  17. Lots to be envious of lol , lovely gifts from friends and the cutest little grandson :-) enjoy ! Hugs

    1. Definitely lots and lots to be envious of there Fiona. Wonderful gifts from Shez and Mel and Michelle and your FHF partner. Enjoy opening them

  18. Serious envy happening over here lol!!!! You did a good job!!! Lovely presents you got and shopping, little Beau is so cute!!! Great postcard!!! Interesting technique. Hope you enjoyed that cuppa...did hubby like the mint tin?

  19. You are so funny! I AM envious! In a delightful way! Fun post!

  20. Wow - what a hoard of gifts!! Beau is a cutie - love that smile.

  21. Beautiful ornaments from Shez...and giftees from Mel, who'd have thunk that "pattern" was a notebook! clever...lots and lots of lovely goodies for you to enjoy and have fun opening...enjoy them all...

  22. Sorry!.......I got envy! lol
    Great post.

  23. Wow, I am amazed all these wonderful goodies managed to fit into one post!! They are all very exciting. The baby one is the best! And what's wrong with a little envy?


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