Saturday, December 5, 2015

Last FNWF for 2015....

I find it so hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the year....

Thanks to Cheryll who has hosted

every month for us ... it's a wonderful evening sewing with others and then having a pop around over the next couple of days to see what was made...

My Friday started off with having had a bad nights sleep as our little dog went missing Thursday evening.... we went out and she got bored and found an open gate.  An early morning call from the local Animal Management provided relief and off I went to fetch her... No fine to pay as this was her first offence.  She was collected from just outside our house...we don't have a front fence but I really don't think she would go far, however I understand we have a very diligent pound person round here who collects at every opportunity.  Tarka will go to anyone who calls her (stranger danger training has never helped with her!!)

She spent the day recovering from her trauma.. poor old thing

I have been quilting for someone who wanted a modern organic lines across her quilt....  I can't show her wonderful first quilt ever she made up herself but these are my lines.... I have to admit it doesn't come easy to me not to have set designs but I really love the effect so I think I will do more of it...

The Quilters Angel, (my favourite LQS) has a sale on so I popped up there with my layer cake and pattern to get some white Bella and red spot for corner stones....

I am trying to use stash and only buy fabric to add to it for a specific pattern (I'm not totally successful in this but today I was!) I saw someone make up this quilt recently (sorry - but for the life of me I can't remember who it was- please let me know if it was you as I'd love to tag yours) and realised I had that magazine.... It's funny how I can read a magazine and not notice the pattern until I see someone elses.  I am hoping this might be a project I can start over Christmastime...

Anyway, I was pleased to sit down to another Hobbit movie with Hubz last night (they are well done but I really don't find them relaxing - there is so much action and this one had HUMUNGOUS spiders in it!)

Head down for the spider parts and I got some binding done on this quilt... just a sneaky peak... it is blocks with doilies all over it and lots of custom quilting to show them off...

Whilst I was sewing I sliced and dried the biscotti which I made a week or so ago... it's so yummy and we had to test a few pieces ... (thanks Christine for this lovely recipe)

By the way, the tradie left my house in perfect working order ... it seems he didn't need any help from me and left me with 3 lovely working ceiling fans... one of which is in my sewing room so quilting will be a lot more comfortable for me now... the other two are in DD and GS bedrooms... they are living here for a few months so it's only fair they get some of the finer things in life too!!

I'm sure a picture of the tradie would have been more interesting but I was worried he would think I was a bit wierd!!

My daughters like doing the elf on the shelf... it is a lot of fun..... I thought I would join in too....

... since I have been forced to watch him on the Hobbit movies!!!

Righto, Gotto Go... Hubz and I have bought some plants for the garden....


  1. Loving the modern look of that quilting :) and such cute dotty binding!
    Fabulous fabrics you've picked for that quilt, it looks like a fun one for the Christmas period :)
    So pleased Tarka was allowed back home :)
    I'm sure the fans will make a huge positive difference! Wonderful you have offered the luxury to all ;0

  2. I liked that quilt too as its very colourful but I LoVe your choice of fabric. I really like that range.
    Thanks for joining in last night and all the other months over the past year. It always nice to have your company! xox

  3. I am so glad you found your pup. We don't have our yard fenced in so I have to watch Bean when he goes out or I am with him, but he always stays in the boundaries. I think the elf on the shelf is creepy, up there with clowns, lol.


  4. So glad you have your dog back safe & sound. Love your fabrics you chose. Hugs, xx

  5. Wonderful you found your dog, we have had a few heart jolts with ours, but he always seems to wander home!! Love the quilting...and the new project fabric...good to hear the tradie did his work unscathed!! Lol!! Wouldn't mind that elf on a shelf here either...maybe you could pass him on?????

  6. Hello Fiona,

    Sounds like a front fence is in order or are the plants really prickly so the dog won't go and talk to strangers. The sneak peak of the doily quilt is lovely, can't wait to see the completion.
    Have a great weekend.

    Happy days.

  7. all fun and games for you this week, so glad you've got the dog back home. They are a worry. Some lovely quilty stuff going on, look forward to the reveals

  8. You think the ranger would have something better to do than scoop up that gorgeous old dog...not sure he is a danger to anyone but himself by wandering off and outside your your quilting..and the only thing better than a photo of the tradie would have been the tradie with his shirt off..

  9. Oh poor Tarka....glad you got him home. Beautiful quilting and your new project looks very interesting. I have to the doiley quilt. Glad the young tradie escaped unscathed and really like your Elf on the Shelf lol!

  10. Tarka, perhaps you should stay home and no more roam......never know what might happen in that big wide world out there! Love your pretty quilting, Fiona, and I love how the doilies are used too.

  11. I am so pleased you found your dag and all is well. I can understand the sleepless night. A good outcome in the end.
    Aren't the fans a wonderful idea? Moving air always makes you feel cooler.
    Good luck with all your sewing! And planting!

  12. Hi Fiona oh i love your new fabric and i think it will look wonderful in the quilt,it will be a lot more pleasant for you with the ceiling fans ,glad the tradie didnt think you were weird,lol,and i love the elf on your shelf,i think i want to come and admire your shelf,lol,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  13. Poor you - missing dog...too much stress indeed.

  14. SO pleased your wee dog is home safe and sound, it's not fun when they go off on their own outings like that. oOur quilting looks great - those organic lines would be fun to do once you got into the groove of it :-) Cool sneaky peek too.... Hehe with the Elf on the Shelf!!

  15. You really have mastered this fmq. Love the llones!

  16. thank goodness your wee one got home safe!! that is something that would make my heart go cold and we don't have any suitable fencing to leave them outside by themselves....means tying them up when we go out and I am terrified they will either hurt themselves or pull out of their collars....we know where to find Callie....she makes her way straight to the cherry trees when she is let out! Love your elf on the kind of elf too and lots of lovely sewing going on.

  17. Hope Tarka makes a speedy recovery! I like the look of that quilt pattern, very interesting. I have finally got around to ordering that Natalie Bird pincushion pattern - should be waiting for me in UK when we get there next week. xx

  18. Dear Fiona,
    what a fun evening, you are making lovely projects. Like the Elf too, really cute.

  19. You are right, I think the tradie would have thought you were weird - he probably doesn't blog. Cieling fans are the best! You will be so glad to have them. I'm so happy your doggie is home safe.

  20. Whew - glad your pup is home safe - sounds like an over-zealous animal control person to me! Lovely quilting you're doing - and I must agree about that Elf, he's the only one I'd want too!

  21. What a naughty girl Tarka is! So glad you got her back safe and sound,
    Your new '30s project looks lovely and your almond bread looks delicious

  22. Wie schön, dass der Hund wieder zu Hause ist !
    Liebe Grüße

  23. So glad Tarka is back home ... I was so worried for her and her humans xx


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