Sunday, December 20, 2015

FNSI and Christmas ......

Thanks again to Wendy for hosting us on Friday Night..... and thanks for a whole year of fun.... I do admire people who make the effort to do things like this and adding a bit of fun to blogging and sewing.

In the afternoon I played with some mini quilting on an old handstitched doily ... lots of tiny little feathers...

and in the evening in front of the TV I carried on stitching one of my Scandanavian stitcheries by Rosalie Quinlan

It has been hot here in Queensland.... but at Christmas I do think of snowmen....

(well it was a good effort???????)

Earlier in the week I finished of my new Christmas apron... design by Toni and given as a free design on this post

Bev sent me a couple of her machine embroidered specials....

I think this one would be good for a journal cover?

... and I was thinking of this one for a mini quilt ... for those days when I am just not in the mood for cleaning (which is everyday!)

thanks Bev, I'm going to enjoy playing with these.... 

by the end of Friday I had finished feathering and made a good start on 1/4" lines for the border...

... and this is how far I got with the hand stitching....

... I also hung up the bunting made for me by Christine.... there is a tutorial HERE on her blog (easy no sew bunting) so you can make your own 

thanks Christine, I love it and it has brightened up this window

So much happens at this time of year ...and we get a lot of fun and joy with pressies and decorations.

I want to especially say that I am thinking of those people who are sad for whatever reason... sickness, bereavement, memories, loneliness, depression, fear, distance - some I know of, some I suspect and others I have no idea

Not to be a grinch but I know some people find Christmas very hard

Righto, Gotto Go.... we are going to be doing bits in the garden in the cooler and some chilling out when it's time to be indoors


  1. Hi my lovely friend,oh i love seeing your FMQ projects,you are amazing Fiona,i love your stitchery,i love the pieces you got from Bev,i hope you have a lovely sunday and that you dont melt like the snowman xx

  2. Both projects are beautiful. God fun ahead with Bevs cute pieces. Looking very swish in your new apron. I agree it is not always a joyful time for lots of folks and many must find it very difficult xx

  3. Wonderful stitcheries, I always enjoying stitching at night.
    Even with sadness, I always hold on to the little joys in life, as well as family and friends.
    Christmas to me is a time of hope and new beginnings, so I hold that in my heart.


  4. Looking forward to the final reveal of that doiley. Beautifully put at the end.

  5. That doily work is looking wonderful
    Great progress on your stitching.
    Christmas is a very stressful time for many your sentiments are very valid.
    Your apron looks lovely.

  6. Love your quilting Fiona....just great! Oh dear I think I feel like that snowman lol!

  7. As always beautiful quilting and such a sweet pinny don't spill anything on it. Beautiful thoughts Fiona, your right a tough time of the year for many. xx

  8. Your apron looks great Fiona. That poor snowman!

  9. Such a fun apron! Wow.....the original maker of that doyley was a beautiful stitcher, and your quilting will enhance it even further.

  10. Beautiful work on the doily especially! I must be busy or out to lunch because I managed to miss FNSI. Awk!

  11. Lovely post Fiona, I love your apron and your attempts at a snowman! Gorgeous quilting on the doiley and great progress on your stitchery too. It looks like you can have some good fun with the machine embroidered pieces!

  12. Great post! Your apron is awesome and those feathers are just fabulous.

  13. very dainty feathers there Fiona... poor mr Snowman doesn't like Aussie heat... great work on Toni's apron, just in time for messing about the kitchen at Christmas time!
    Thank you for your words about those who will find Christmas hard, I confess to feeling an element of sad as I come to my first Christmas without my MIL

  14. Your red work piece is a fascinating design and of course I love the feather quilted doily! Bev finds some great designs. xx

  15. Such a busy time of year. Glad you can still find time to do the things that you enjoy.

  16. Dear Fiona,
    great progress on beautiful makings. Was a busy friday night.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  17. Have a wonderful Christmas with those you love. Your snowman us too funny.

  18. The stitching doesn't stop no matter what the time of year! Lovely work on all your projects.


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