Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year.....

So much good wishes to you for 2016 - it's been so lovely reading blogs and receiving messages from people through the year as well as all the inspiration, encouragement and friendliness from other sewers and bloggers around the world... - don't we live in an exciting generation?

Well, we didn't party all night since we were child minding.... and I am still carless so am at home lots.... Widget doesn't need 24 hour attention any more and neither does Hubz so I have got lots of sewing done...

I showed you HERE the machine embroidery pieces Bev sent me ....

Firstly I made a notebook cover for this year.... I used THIS tutorial which is nice and easy and straight forward except if you are like me and adding a different piece of fabric and can't work things out... I ended up with extra seams and still didn't get the picture central!!  However, it is functional and I love it and there  is no mistaking who it belongs to!  I will be doing more of these.

I added an elastic which holds it closed at the back... I always have odd bits of paper stuck in so this is really useful

Then I made up the other little piece which was looking for a bit of a frame around it....

(Haha... that is so like me just avoiding housework!! and Bev got the 'pewter' hair just right too!!)

It's now a sweet bit of humour on my mini quilt frame....  

Thanks Bev, a bit of fun and challenge to make these fun pieces up into something .... hope you approve!!

The nine patch quilt top has come together even nicer than I thought it was going to be....
I love the blocks and then the diagonal patterns it is making too

I am not adding another border but will get a dark binding to finish it off

There are quite a few blocks left over from the swap  

.. and I found these at the bottom of the box ~ some of the strips I had used when making my blocks for the swap so I have sliced them and made up the rest so I have 49 blocks left

~ enough for a lap quilt at some stage ~ 

Meanwhile.... Widget really took on board this sewing with Nana activity and desperately wanted to make a quilt...

I just happened to have a bunch of large blocks which were passed onto me so I let him have a play on the 'design wall'

.... he did get bored quite quickly so there was a lot of "I'll give you 5 minutes on the ipad if you get this row sewn' happening.  I am a strong believer in bribery to get a job done!!

Good job mate (I have to admit doing a little bit of slicing the edges to straighten up before joining the rows but otherwise it is his work alone....

~ now he wants to quilt it ~ (lovely to be young and just get on and do things isn't it?) and it's going to be for his Mom....

Whilst he had to do the pressing of blocks he discovered he 'loves' ironing.....  now I like to think I am a very indulgent Nana so I gave him the hankies and pillowcases to do!!  (now you must admit that is really kind of me!!) woohooooo

The Tuesday girls haven't been able to meet for a couple of weeks with these holidays and visitors etc messing up our routine but chief whip has given us home work...

Oklahoma Dogwood involved foundation piecing.... a personal challenge I have.  It's a striking block and would look wonderful in repeat ... but I won't be repeating it

Oklahoma Dogwood - 38 pieces
 Dresden plate - why put 20 blades on such a tiny plate I ask???? oh my.... I found the little applique curves particularly hard and they are quite uncurvy!

Dresden Plate - 21 pieces

And we have a new record holder in Odd Fellows Chain with 81 pieces in this 6" block.  it was also challenging and mine has ended up a healthy 1/4" bigger than it should be????  

Odd Fellows Chain - 81 pieces

I won't be repeating that one either!!

Righto, Gotto Go.... we've actually managed to make a big mess in the sewing room which needs sorting!


  1. Dear Fiona,
    amazing how much beautiful blocks you have made, a whole quilt top and sewing with your Grandson. Wonderful post, love your projects, so beautiful.

  2. Oh my Fiona, you have been busy. I've been seeing the blocks on instagram and thinking how many pieces were in them, very intricate. Love the the elastic on the book, great idea. You are my inspiration for my personal crafting goal this year, I'm getting the FMQ put on the machine and am going to use it :) Constructive criticism(advice) will be welcomed

  3. Happy new Year Fiona, I hope you get lots of sewing done

  4. It is wonderful to be able to reach out across the country and the world through blogging. I love all the projects you are working on. Well done to your clever young man x

  5. Your blocks are amazing many pieces, I will not be tackling those for a while!!! Your 9 patch quilt looks amazing, well done!! And the Widget is getting into the quilting too! Well done him!!! Train them young I say, can you find some more ironing??? lol!! There is plenty here if you run short!!! ;-)

  6. The Nine Patch blocks do look fantastic.. Hmm! Do I need another project...
    How good is Widget even with a little bribery he has put those blocks together beautifully to make a nice quilt for his mum...
    You are such a good Nana helping him enjoy ironing.LOL
    Ah! You ladies must be crazy making those tiny blocks with sew many pieces. They do look amazing..well done.

  7. Wow no car is definitely giving your sewing a boost. Love, love your 9 patch top!
    Great work by the apprentice and learning to iron is a big bonus you never know when that can work to your advantage.
    Your new blocks are fabulous especially that dogwood block, it's amazing and your points match up beautifully. 81 pieces in a 6" block now I know you're crazy!
    Great work

  8. Happy new year to you Bubz .... So many amazing projects xxxx

  9. Happy and safe new year , lots of beautiful work going on !

  10. You do like to start the year with a bang! So much happening. Love the way you have used the embroideries. And the 9 patch is looking great.
    Love the idea of a grandie who enjoys ironing. I do agree it was very kind of you to share the hankies and pillow slips. Well done!!!
    I am blown away by these blocks!! Incredible.

  11. Love the 9 patch quilt and your blocks. Widget is learning all the good stuff. Keep him ironing as long as you can as I am sure that it won't last.

  12. Blimey Fiona, you've been a busy girl... & keeping Widget busy too, you old sneak getting him to do the hankies LOL... the Nine-patch top has turned out stunning, love it & your idea of a dark bind is going to be just right...
    Do you want to do some sewing for me ? I just don't seem to be getting any time to do any!

  13. Boy you are on fire, can you send a little of your mojo down here? Love your blocks the dogwood one is stunning and I think you should make a queen size quilt out of it..would be beautiful. HOpe this year is wonderful for you. xx

  14. Love all your projects. I think i need to come visit so some of your mojo will rub off onto me. :) The 9 patch is beautiful. Widget did a fabulous job. Well done. Hugs,xx

  15. You have been having lots of fun , love the journal cover and the nine patch quilt is stunning . Your grandson did an awesome job with the quilt even if it did take a little bribery . Hugs Sheila

  16. That too big block will make a lovely label for the back! So good that your GS loves ironing, it will be a skill for life...and help his mother! So nice when kids like to sew, it is great for them to learn the rewards of finishing something you can claim you made yourself.

  17. My goodness you have been happy busy! The nine patches look fantastic.....I had the same reservations about mine, but they just work. I have a few left over too if you want them. My boys all started with ironing hankies, very handy skills to be able to sew a straight line and iron!

  18. So many beautiful projects Fiona, they all look amazing.

  19. a quilter in the making...........your nine patch looks good......

  20. Hello Fiona,

    Great job on the embroideries. I love the little one at the ironing board, its funny how kids like ironing but as they get older they wouldn't know what a ironing board looks like. So many beautiful projects you are working on. I bet you have the Grandies quilt all quilted. Oh and great to see you use hankies.
    Happy days.

  21. So cute to see the widget ironing! And his mom's heart will melt when she gets that quilt!! I like the Oklahoma Dogwood block. You should make more. :)

  22. I think Widget has the quilting bug!!!! I loved the mat he made for the dog, so cute, and now this lovely quilt - well done, Fiona! And how kind of you to "allow" him to iron so much. *G* Your blocks are impossibly gorgeous...

    1. Happy new year Fiona. Lots of lovely sewing as always. Loved your fun little mini and your most beautiful nine patch

  23. Youve been busy...on some wonderful projects...xox

  24. Happy New Year Fiona. Nice makes from Bev's embroideries and a lovely quilt from widget - lucky Mum! Those blocks look very fiddly!! - well done for getting them completed though. xx


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