Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blocks, blocks, blocks...

Homework and a sewing day with the Tuesday girls has resulted in a few more blocks for my sampler quilt

These are 6" blocks and from the book Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

Corn and Beans (48 pieces)

Dove in the Window (49 pieces)

Double Nine Patch (49 pieces)

Bride's Bouquet (24 pieces)

Courthouse Steps (13 pieces)

I am up to 90 blocks (out of 140) now ....and a total of 2225 pieces sewn together....

I couldn't help placing them out to get an idea of how it will look.... 

.... and I love it.... 

Today I ventured out in DD's car (a bit of a heap and with a broken exhaust so I couldn't exactly sneak around quietly!!! haha at least it is transport).. and off I went to The Quilters Angel where I found some perfect paisley backing and lovely fabric for binding for my nine patch....'s all pinned now and ready for play...

I sent off a parcel to Christin in Switzerland for the SSCS swap last year

I made a table runner using stars and featuring some 'vintage' style pictures.....

I thought it would look lovely on whatever Christmas setting she might have

I really like the feature print made into stars and think I will do more of that if I can find lovely pictures again 

.. and the ornament I sent was on a little 4" hanger and can go on the tree or a wall

Righto, Gotto Go... I'm deciding on some not too fussy quilting for the nine patch quilt.....


  1. Your blocks are fantastic...always loved the Brides Bouquet block. It looks stunning all laid out. Lovely SSCS gifties xx

  2. Wow how fantastic do all those blocks look!!! I think t he bouquet block is my favourite from this lot
    All together they are so amazing, great going Fiona
    Beautiful choice of fabric for your backing.
    Very sweet swap gifts sent.

  3. OMG your blocks look amazing together.... Well done Fiona....
    Nice backing for the nine patch and I am pleased DD bomb made it to Quilters Angel and back...
    The fussy cut table runner you made for SSCS looks great and the little angel is sweet.

  4. Those blocks look so beautiful together. I need to make a design wall, would be easier when I am piecing to see them all together. I usually lay mine on the floor and that is a pain.


  5. Oh Wow!! Sooooooooooooo incredible! All those little pieces! :) :)

  6. Stunning blocks Fiona, they are so gorgeous.
    Love the presents you made for SSCS.

  7. Intricate blocks Fiona, great job ! Love how the quilt is looking too . Lovely gift you sent to your partner . Hugs

  8. Your sampler blocks look fabulous on the wall, which book/pattern are you using? Love the table runner, the feature print really makes it.

  9. Your blocks look fabulous. Gorgeous gifts you sent in sscs. Hugs,xx

  10. Your sampler quilt is going very well - and looks lovely..this looks like a finish in 2016 = you are getting so much done./

  11. More wonderful blocks Fiona. ..they look amazing on the wall!! So many pieces!! Great backing the swap gifts.

  12. Love your blocks and when you have them all together, looks fantastic!

  13. That quilt is going to be stunning, makes all the fiddly bits worthwhile. Love the paisley

    1. Wow I love it too Fiona - stunning

  14. Interesting work and patterns. Greetings!

  15. More lovely blocks and your layout looks great. Lovely gifts for Christin - the runner is gorgeous, those prints are lovely. xx

  16. Love them. Such beautiful work my friend xx

  17. Wow, 90 blocks finished and they do look amazing on the wall together!
    Beautiful gifts you sent away.
    I am pleased you have had access to a car, even if only for a short while.

  18. Your sampler is looking great. Lovely table runner for Christin, great way to showcase the lovely prints.


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