Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday .....

I love my morning cup of coffee ..... I generally only have one a day so it needs to be a good one in a pretty cup!!

In an attempt to be more regular about blog posts and also to plan my short term sewing projects I'm joining up with Cath at Bits 'n Bobs for Design Board Monday

As per usual I have several projects on my 'design wall' (Hubz calls Design house for some odd reason!)

This is a quilting design I am doing for a suduko quilt... so each block is going to be different but all the same colours will have the same quilting design ... then I'll add joined ribbon for the sashing and wiggly lines in the borders

 I've started tracing the tea cup teddies from Michelle's latest pattern.. these will fit in so well with my teacups and teapots that I am presently working on

Today I prepared 4 blocks for the sampler quilt which we will work on tomorrow

... my storage box for the blocks is overflowing....

.. the other one on the go is the binding for this huge big scrappy quilt.... I only do it if it's a bit cooler in the evening ... I'm over half way...

.. the stitching next to my chair is the third of my four teapots...

I did finish the second one over the weekend.....

So that's what's on my Design House Board this week... what about you?

Cath's link up is HERE if you feel like joining in too...

This Friday is FNSI with Wendy... sign ups are HERE 


I'll be doing some handstitching at The Quilters Angel group with Kris and others....

Righto, Gotto Go..... sewing to do.....


  1. My goodness you have a lot on the design wall Fiona...not idle time for you!!!! Some beautiful projects there.

  2. Oh my goodness no wonder you need a coffee to get you going in the morning.... You are working on sew many gorgeous projects.....cute bears and teapots...

  3. You are soooo busy can you put some of that energy into a bottle and send it down. Love the bears and the teapots...wouldn't mind a cuppa about now.

  4. I think you need a bigger cup!
    Lots of crafting activity happening at your place. Looking forward to seeing the blocks you make this week
    Happy sewing

    1. Such lovely projects on the go Fiona

  5. hi my lovely friend,boy you sure have been busy and boy your stitching is perfect,well done Fiona xx

  6. Good to see you are keeping busy, Fiona!

  7. You really got a lot done today, I need to get going, lol. I am going to do some of the new BOM's so I need to prep those and start working on them.


  8. Everything looks so very pretty! So much progress. I love your idea for the quilting on the sudoku quilt.

  9. Lots of lovely projects there Fiona! Hope you get plenty of time to work on them during the week! Christine x

  10. Lovely things happening at your house. Wish my mojo hadn't run away again as i really need to start clearing the decks again of ufo's ect. Hugs,xx

  11. Lots of varied projects on the go. Enjoy seeing them progress.

  12. That all looks very organised, lots of variety to keep you going

  13. Lots to keep you busy then Fiona. I love that neat stack of blocks in the box! xx

  14. Look at you .... So many amazing protect. Xxxxx

  15. Dear Fiona,
    great idea with the disgn board Monday, will have to check out the link. You are working on wonderful project. Great idea to stitch Michelle's teacup teddy's with your teapot stitchery.

  16. Always good to have a variety of lovely projects on the go. Your teapots are so pretty.

  17. ahhhh! that's what you meant by 'joining up'! Thanks Fiona for linking up to Bits 'n Bobs for Design Board Monday and for giving it a plug on your post :) :) :)
    I loved reading your post and seeing the projects you are working on and so hope you will share more of these as you progress.....and you ARE doing some teddies! (love those ones too!)

  18. You are providing a lot of motivation with all these wonderful projects. It does show how much preparation there is for many of these projects. Lovely to see what you are doing.


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