Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Treasure & FRIENDS Swap

Thanks to Clare for challenging us to find little treasures in our homes......

I remember playing with my treasure this week at my Granny's house..... I don't have any idea where it originated but it is a lovely sturdy little basket......

and it holds BUTTONS........

I just have some big one's in at the moment as Widget is only little and this is one of the first things he goes for when he comes to visit - actually I see there are all sorts of other little clippy thingies in there...... mmmmm I wonder what else he may have hidden in there?

This year I took part in my first swap - I have to admit it was with a bit of trepidation - would my partner like what I made? would it get lost in the post?- is my work good enough to give away? etc etc

Well - Carol did like what I sent.....

F - Fat Quarter of Fabric
R - Ribbons
I - Itty Bitty Bug Pincushion
E - Elephant Mat
N - Notelets
D - Delicious things to eat and make (chocolate and pattern)
S - Soap in a Bag

And yesterday when I came home this was at the front door.....

  With not one but TWO parcels...........

  The beautiful blue daisy paper had a secret bag in it..........

which was just overflowing with all these goodies......

I wonder how Carol knew I needed a needlecase (I have been using a piece of fabric!)
- there is needlework scissors, a pincushion, needlecase, tape-measure and sewing bag - all matching in black and white with a notebook and pen, 5 fat eighths (all in colours that I just love), beautiful threads, erasors and my favourite Lindt chocs.
Just lovely

Carol put in this extra parcel for the new grandie we are expecting next year - such a sweet thought.  The parents to be are visiting us from the UK at Christmas so these will be placed in a safe place waiting for them.....

Thank you so much Carol - I love it all...

FRIENDS Swap was hosted by Khristina - what a fun idea and thanks Khris. You were so good to send us gentle reminders and encourage us with this.
Carol and I are joining Marina and Lorraine in Stitching Around the Block hosted by Helen - we all sew a bit and send it on to the next person..... this will be fun too and a great way to make new friends.  We have been given our design and I need to get on and do some stitching.....

Have a great week everyone......


  1. Your basket is so sweet , I love baskets and this one has a nice design and is a perfect place to store those buttons . You have both given and received some very nice gifts in your exchange , such fun . The little bear and sweater was such a sweet thing for Carol to add to your parcel for the new baby to come .

  2. Hi Fiona, I love your sweet little basket too. What a fabulous bunch of presents you received and you sent lovely things too.
    Have a great week.

  3. Your basket is lovely...but look at those prezzies...how lucky are both...

  4. I have to love a basket full of buttons ! Thanks for showing us and playing along .

  5. Your basket is just darling, the perfect place for buttons! And reminders of Grandma, too. I love what you sent Carol, and I NEED to know where you got that elephant design! That is just the cutest! I love what she sent you too, how lovely - and how sweet to include the gift for your new grandbaby!!!

  6. Such a lovely basket and it looks really well made.
    Love your friends goodies, both sent and received. I love the idea of Elephants for E! Didn't think of that one.
    Glad your first swap was a good one.
    Now, lets get stitching!

  7. WOW - your swaps sent and received look wonderful - aren't swaps great fun!
    Fabulous to see you've signed up for Stitching Round the Block too - looks like it will be lots of fun. Happy stitching!

  8. How lucky you are to have that gorgeous basket AND all those pressies! toni xxx

  9. Wow I love what you made and what you received.. Looks like a great swap! That was so lovely sending a present for the new baby, very thoughtful. Love your TT today too.. Looks like it could be from Africa! xx

  10. Me again, just zoomed in on your photo and got to say, I love those cute elephants so much.. where did you get the design for that??? Very, very cute.. Also love the bug pincushion and the fabric in the fat 1/4 is so lovely.

  11. The basket is in amazing condition, it's just lovely.
    It's looks like both you & Carol were very spoilt with your swap :)

  12. What a fun swap...love the little basket!


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