Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Destined for Greatness"

Take three dishcloths

and create a shopping bag

This is from Judith's "Thrifty Shopper" pattern which was a giveaway to participants of  her "Early Birdies" activity.
Thanks Judith - I had it made in a weekend and I love it. I think I'll do more - these are much more fun than the 'greenbags'.

Take a bowl of fresh strawberries....

Turn it into jam...

and enjoy it the best way possible.

Look who came to visit...

These Pale Headed Rosella's are usually shy - but this mum brought her baby for a feed.  The doves behind are Spotted Turtle Dove and I love their very fashionable cravats.  And then there is the Galah - which just make me laugh though the young ones do whine continuously and annoyingly!!

I visit The House on the Side of the Hill blog regularly and commented on how I liked the way Melody presented her pictures - she told me about Picassa and I have started experimenting..... Thanks.  Visit HERE to see Melody's lovely blog.

Hope your weekend was wonderful



  1. Yummm, home made jam on scones!

  2. That's a pretty bag, and the jam would be sooo nice......yummo......pretty birds, we have galahs and doves but haven't seen those little parrots.

  3. Yummy homemade strawberry jam - Enjoy.

  4. Great photos , you will love picassa , it makes things so much easier to send multiple pictures ,my son introduced me a few years ago . My friend Jeanette made one of the tea towel bags for me last Christmas , love it !

  5. Thanks for the heads up on Picassa. I have been wondering how to do multiple pics also. Have to go check it out and see if I can work out how to. Love your bird pics. We had one of those doves in our yard yesterday, and always love seeing galahs.

  6. Love the bag - and jam, oh yummy! Those birds are so beautiful, we don't have anything like that around here. Sigh.

  7. Thanks for showing the birds..they are lovely...your projects are super.
    Mama Bear


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