Monday, October 25, 2010

Stitch, stitch...............

This weekend I worked on my Stitching Around the Block , a lovely stitchery designed by Helen 

I'll be sending these off to Marina for the next round

I also finished a few more of my Ella and Skysie animal blocks - very simple stitcheries which are fun to do.....

These can be counted with Joy's Finishing Stitches.....
most of these had been started before and sat at the back of the cupboard - this has been great motivation to finish them off.

Liz reminded me about Christmas stockings and the need to keep up with grandchildren numbers....

I did these last year for the boys.....

now we have a little girl who was born in February that needs one this year.....

and next bubs will need one next year.......

I wonder how many grandparents have managed to keep up these great ideas (when there is only a few to do - only to discover there are more ahead!!)

There's also all those advent calenders I got to do...........
 and only 2 months left!!

In my garden this new Iris bloomed this weekend.......... what a lovely rich colour...

I hope you all have a lovely rich week too............


  1. Hi Fiona, I was just thinking about you, wondering how your Stitching Around the Block was going when up you popped on my favourites list. Your work looks fabulous. Have a great week.

  2. Fiona - your Christmas stockings are adorable! David was standing behind me "Ooohing and Aahhhing"!!!! That's praise indeed if Himself gives the seal of approval!
    I'm not sure when grandchild number three is due - beginning of April - I'll find out and let you know! Maybe the same day as yours?
    Bear hugs,

  3. Wow...Bubz I do love those stocking they are awesome....all your stitching looks have been busy...

  4. First I loved your "Stitching round the Block" and then the stockings knocked my socks off. Great work Fiona.

  5. I can't wait for your gorgeous stitchery to come and visit my house! I love the way you have used different colours for the bottom flowers, and the little lady bug too.
    Your stockings are just wonderful.
    My mum made birth cross stitches for my boys and managed to keep it up for all the 13 grandkids. Each family had a different theme. My boys had different animal themes.

  6. Fiona,
    The stitching is wonderful...when I enlarged it, it really has nothing to do with the background image! I thought you were stitching on what was printed there. This is really neat, so you all just add to what you have started here?
    The Christmas Stockings are truly something special. I love how you carried a theme through out Xavier's with the stars.
    Great keepsakes.

  7. Love the stockings! They are so cute... and yes, now that you have started, I guess you need to keep going!! As long as the grandies only come one at a time you should be ok :)
    The blocks are cute - I've got that pattern too. So far I've used them for nieces and little girls who come and want to stitch, they just love them. Are you doing the whole quilt? I want to.. one day... hahahaha!!!

  8. Your stitching is wonderful and those stockings are oooooo soooooooo cute. Very inspiring my friend. I may have to do something like that..

  9. just love your stitcheries...and those stockings are adorable.

  10. Love that stitching block - so pretty! Your little animals are so darling, and those stockings are just incredible! My mom had made me and my husband stockings, she still needs to make a couple for my boys - they're 18 and 16 now, wonder if she'll ever get to it? Good for you on keeping up!

  11. You sure have been busy in the sewing department.. love all those xmas stockings I wonder if the the next stocking will have a girly look about it... I am so jealous that you are doing the ''stitching around the block'' I couldn't get enough friends boohoo as all the girls from around here have left and there is now only 3 crafty members here in my town group and I am the only real sewer sniff sniff... but in saying that yours looks wonderful and I cant wait to see more xxxxx


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