Friday, October 8, 2010


These are a few pictures of quilts I have made for grandies over the last couple of years.  The two older boys were born before I got the 'bug' so they didn't get baby ones.....

It is always such fun planning and deciding what to make .... and I like to use the opportunity to try out new techniques and ideas.... 

I used to do a lot of knitting and recently I have been trying a range of Organic Cottons

lovely soft little baby shoes..

Such bliss.....
Hmmmmmm (big contented sigh)

Expected Date of Deliver 19 April 2011

First child for DES and DIL
Fifth grandie for this delighted Nana and Pops

I wonder what quilt I will make this time?



  1. Another little one to come ! How exciting for you. (know you will enjoy every minute planning and making that next special quilt). Baby shoes look so soft and comfy.)

  2. Look at all those lovely quilts....awesome display there Bubz, and how exciting number 5...gee I would just love a number 1...

  3. Gorgeous quilts - those baby booties look delightful! Woohoo a new grand, congrats - you do have a bit of time to come up with a quilt, good thing!

  4. Congratulations!Oooo..there's lots you can make! Have fun :)

  5. My grandkids have treasured quilts that their great grandma made for them, she's made quilts for all of her great grandys but has now hung up her fabrics and cutters and no longer is able to make them, I suppose this grandma is going to have to get the quilting bug if ever there is any more babies.

  6. It must be really special making quilts for your grandchildren.
    I have a lovely Ella and Skysie pattern that I could lend you. It has lovely simple stitcheries. Will check where I blogged the pic...

  7. Congratulations o the new up and coming grandbaby , that is always exciting . Your grandchildren have been blessed with some wonderful quilts made by you , all very special ! I am sure you will come up with a wonderful pattern for this new baby as well .

  8. exciting and I love love love your quilts, that whale one is simply adorable.

  9. Congrats. I'm sure you'll think of something sweet :)

  10. Hi Fionna. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! I love your quilts. What lucky children to have you as a Nana. You're plants are so pretty too.

    Is it cold or hot there this time of year?
    Well I hope it's a fun and blessed weekend for you. Hugs...Tracy :)

  11. What a gorgeous post. It's so wonderful to a baby in your life. I love your quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh how exciting! Can't wait to see a pic of the baby and the quilt you are going to make! You have lots of time still at least :)

  13. Love the ultra sound photo... make sure you keep it in a very safe place... as when my middle daughter turned 21 last year I used it in her memory quilt that I made her... everyone was just amazed at that photo being kept and managing to make it so clear on the fabric... a future quilt for you to consider xxx


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