Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Signatures & Stitches

I couldn't help but feel quite awed and emotional watching the Chilean miners be brought up to the top after 10 weeks - it is so good to have a good news story.....

Have you noticed my new 'signature' at the bottom of my blog posts?  Took me a while but I got it done - with help............

Jennifer from Bronze Wombat taught me.... go HERE if you'd like one too..... (you'll need to read the post before too..) and whilst you're there have a look around - there is lots of lovely things to see - I especially love all the different Wombats....

I have finished a few blocks with stitcheries this last week.....

Two blocks from an Ella and Skysie Pattern "Farmyard Animals"

My Daisy-Do block from Jenny of Elephants Block of the Month

A block from "A Sentimental Journey" by Michelle of The Raspberry Rabbits 
I'm still deciding on accessories to add on it?

and I'm working on the stitching for my "Penny Rug" following the electronic lessons of Elaine at Soggy Bottom Flats Quilting and Stitching 
(I want to know how Elaine came up with that name!)

Thanks to Joy from Joy's Quilts who hosts a Finishing Stitches challenge - I always function better with a goal to reach......  Go HERE if you'd like some motivation to finish off those blocks or UFO's that lurke in the back of cupboards...

Meanwhile the garden continues to grow.... this tree is only 2 years old .....

It is a Native Frangipani (Hymenosporum flavum) and the flowers smell as sweet as they look

One day this beauty is going to provide shade to block the harsh summer sun from heating my bedroom in the afternoons.....


  1. Hi Fiona,
    You have been very productive and it all looks great.
    I've had my native frangipani in for four years now and it has never flowered. I must be doing something wrong. Yours looks fabulous and I agree the scent is delicious. Have a fabulous week.

  2. Love the stitching and I am already behind with Elaine!!! I will try to catch up.

  3. WOW you sure have been a busy lady.
    Love all your stitchery's.

  4. I tried to do my own personal signature but just couldn't get it to work.....what did I do wrong??? After it says save...that is where I ended. I did get a signature but not what I wanted.

    Love your stitcheries.

  5. Goodness you've been busy - your stitcheries are darling! I must get started on the Daisy-Do, I love that one so much.
    Your tree is gorgeous, wish I could smell it from here!

  6. You were a busy bee whilst I was away! Love all your stitches and your siggy is just too cute!

  7. I think it is just amazing that they have all been brought up alive, absolutely miraculous!
    Love your stitchery blocks, they are very cute.

  8. Since I don't do hand work I always admire the work of others. Loving the duck.


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