Sunday, October 10, 2010

Post, Preparation and Progress

Thank-you so much everyone for the congratulations on the beginnings of a new grandchild .... such excitement!

Melody from The House on the Hill knows I have been collecting up 'wool felt' and sent me some to add to my stash - such a lovely green colour and SO SOFT.... I just like stroking it!!

Melody is working on a felting BOM for next year which will be fun I'm sure - go have a visit HERE and see some of the lovely things she has made.....

Since the postie was bringing me parcels I sent off this one to Carol - my FRIENDS Swap partner.
FRIENDS is hosted by Khristina and we send a bunch of goodies with something that starts with each letter of FRIENDS..... Once Carol has opened hers I will show you the little treasures I sent....

....My first swap.....

Meanwhile I have determined myself to get on and work on some of the projects on my "Cut out the fabric but haven't started list".

These are blocks which I have drawn from designs by Michelle of Raspberry Rabbits.  I have done one of her blocks before and love her quotes and the prettiness of her designs. Raspberry Rabbits is a lovely peaceful place to visit.

Not a clear picture but if you go HERE you will see the proposed end.......

Back to working with wool ....... I had heard the term "Penny Rugs" and was always a bit intrigued about them.... Elaine from Soggy Bottom Flats has THIS to share about the history behind them and she is presently doing a 'stitch-a-long' tutorial for penny rugs....

Of course in my enthusiasm to work more with wool I had to join.....

I have been going to a small local craft group - and discovered they had a bunch of blocks that the ladies had stitched a couple of years back sitting in the cupboard -- they were just begging to be made into something so I brought them home.  Some donated fabric and sashing was made

It's really a pretty little quilt - and I'm glad the blocks are not hiding in the back of the cupboard anymore...

Every now and then I like to make some different things.  This week I made a bunch of home-made gift cards and knitted up a washcloth - little gifts

Alison at This Old Aunt Quilts (she's not really very old!!) made some lovely Chenille Washcloths - I just couldn't help myself I had to get some and make them up...... so lovely and soft....
Alison is working on a georgeous Back on the Farm quilt which I am enjoying watching the progress.

My row of roses is looking beautiful

Very windy today - methinks I will have rose confetti all over my garden by the end of the day - that's lovely too!

Damp and windy outside - Bathurst race inside..... time to get out the hand stitcheries and make a cuppa.....



  1. Congratulations...lots of different sorts of loveliness at your place! That quilt looks great!

  2. Hi Fiona,
    What a lovely post. I love catching up on everything you have been doing. I plan to sit down this afternoon and watch Bathurst too. I'll be thinking of you as I sew.

  3. Lots of show and tell at your place today the quilt and your wool projects looks so good...

  4. Love the rose you've cut out for your penny rug Fiona. I bought a pattern a while back for a penny rug I wanted to make... might make good use of my wool felts!!

  5. Lovely post..lots happening..good to see.

  6. Just found your lovely site this morning from Jan at Serenity. You had left her a post about being able to go to blogs through something with Google Reader. I was curious as to what you were talking about. I love blogs but not good with computers.
    Glad I found you and congradulations on your upcoming birth of a grandchild. Nothing in this world more exciting than that news.
    Take care

  7. Such BEAUTIFUL projects on your blog today....lovely wool, lovely rose, lovely quilt, and the washcloths look SO cuddly! Love your cards too. You've been busy!

  8. The quilt is so pretty. I love the cards. What a good idea!

  9. Love the quilt you made from the hidden squares. I agree so much better than hiding in a cupboard. The knitted washcloth is pretty too, I just love to use them.


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