Monday, January 15, 2018

Working on that UFO list......

I found another UFO ..... I did these cup and teapot stitcheries years ago.....  My list is so long....

 I just need to make up a way to put them all together.... overthinking it...

In my defence (if I need one) I did finish this UFO.... just had the binding to do....

I also got half way through the binding of the other cushion - well to be honest I didn't but Kris did....that's what happens if you come to my house with no stitching to do... you do mine!!!  Haha.. we had an afternoon playdate.... 

I also worked on this UFO... 4 more blocks towards my Dutch Treat Quilt.... I've now done 130 of the 196 blocks..... and then there is the border!

I was gifted these beautiful cards this weekend.... a customer who collected her quilt.... I just love handmade cards.... so clever.... 

Some more stitcheries for Living the Dream....

I had quite a pile done so I made up some more strips and added them to my existing lot.... starting to look like a quilt now....

Another UFO is Quilt Block Anthology and us Tuesday girls did these 8 blocks this week....

All that good work deserves a new project doesn't it????

I quilted this one for The Quilters Angel this week (I'll show you what I did next time) and decided I would treat myself to the BOM (I've never done a BOM through a shop before).  Dear Rosie passed away around Christmas and this will make me think of her great talent and sweet nature whilst I stitch.  I am not hurrying on this project and it will be my take and go on Friday nights....

Righto, Gotto Go.... will finish the other half of the binding (thanks Kris for your help with my UFO finishing!!!)


  1. My! You kept yourself busy. Awesome job. Love, love, love your DT blocks especially the top right one. But they are all awesome! Sorry to hear about Rosie's. Flowerville sounds like a wonderful place to live. Enjoy the stitchery. There's definitively no hope for this girl, lol. ;^)

  2. I think I have those tea cup patterns - Crabapple Hill? I have the tea pot and 4 tea cups - sitting in a drawer with many other projects I've not started. Looks like you have more. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  3. Oh dear. That is what worried me when writing my lists - finding i'd forgotten 1. Which i had & darn it i've just remembered another. 😭😭. Love your projects. They look lovely. Love Rosie's pattern. Hugs, xx

  4. Wow you have been busy and I have to laugh when one finds some 'UFO's they'd forgotten about! lol They're gorgeous. The stitcheries are too cute. xx

  5. Pretty stitching.....I love the teapots and cups. Yes, it was sad to hear about Rosalie, but at least her sweet designs will keep her alive in people's memories.

  6. nice to cross things off the list. There must have been something in the air. I'm doing a bom from a shop too, it's EPP so hoping for some gentle needlework. Happy stitching

  7. Gorgeous everything ❤️❤️❤️I have that Rosalie BOM and another one as well❤️❤️❤️

  8. I think Kris should have just stayed longer and finished the job! You could match the teapots etc to pretty florals and do alternate blocks...(reminds me of one of my UFOs). Your Living the Dream is looking great too.

  9. That is a very good idea having a visitor do some stitching..... well done. You have so many lovely projects, good luck

  10. How did that one hide away and get missed. Glad you found it.
    The finished cushion does look gorgeous.
    And look and all the projects you have worked on!! Definitely no time wasting with you.

  11. Now Fiona, that is really only one UFO. The others are active WIPs. They are all looking great and making good progress.

  12. Golly, so much going on here Fiona... lovely finish on the cushion!
    Yes it was sad to read about Rosalie's passing... so many of us have loved & been inspired by her designs.

  13. you make me want to take up stitching your blog and your goals.

  14. My gosh, you've been busy! I wish Kris would come to my house and forget her stitching. I could keep her busy for awhile. I love your anthology blocks. I really want to do it, but I have so many sampler quilts started, that I thought I shouldn't start another. Or should I???

  15. I think I have some of those tea cup patterns - Crabapple Hill? Mine are in a pile waiting. I look forward to seeing how you put them all together.

    1. Yes, mine have been in a pile for far too long.... I think I know what I want to do now... just have to action it!!


  16. You have projects to fit your every mood! Don't let the UFO's get you down, Fiona. They will move along at their own pace. Meanwhile you have so many lovely choices, and lovely friends to help you sew them :)

  17. OMG I just got a shock about Rosalie. I had no idea. So sad but we do have such beautiful designs to remember her by. Since some designers went over to fb I lost contact. Oooo all those UFOs are lovely and well worth the effort to complete them. Busy gal this year.

  18. Cute Teacup stitcheries..Nice cushion finish..
    You are doing well working on your different projects.
    I need lots of friends to help me with my stitching...lucky you.

  19. Beautiful stitcheries Fiona, I am sure you will have an idea for them soon. The cushion looks great, always good to get a finish, lucky you had a buddy to help with the next one. The DT blocks look wonderful, as do the stitcheries...lost happening at yours! Love the new project.

  20. More lovely eye candy! Your Living the Dream is looking beautiful - I've done a few more stitcheries of mine but not done any fabric cutting yet :-) I think honouring Rosalie is a good excuse to start a new BOM.


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