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All the very best to all of you for 2018..... I do love blogland and hearing from people, and of course reading other blogs .... It's a lovely social place and I have made some wonderful friends, some of whom I have met in real life..... thank you to you all... you have enriched my life.  I'm always rather sad when someone stops blogging... it's like a friend has left town.... such is the circle of life...

Last year these are the decorations I posted out....

The fabric is from a lovely Christmas French General range ..... which I placed on Heat and Bond and carefully cut out and placed on red wool.  Sewed around the golden edge with blanket stitch (machine).  Then another layer of Heat and Bond to more wool and finally a red overstitch (catching a hanging tag) and cut around with pinking sheers.  Michelle gave me the idea (thanks my friend) and I did love how they looked....

These purses (designed my Natalie Bird) were made for a couple of friends....  needleturn applique on wool.... they are a lovely size to take with stitching, or going to town and putting in glasses, phone, cash card etc....

I think I need to make one for myself.... I rather love them ... and I managed the zips sortof ok..... hmmm

My very favourite dish done at Christmas is Sherry Trifle.... I don't always do it as someone eats an awful lot (no names mentioned) but I did this year and it went down well....

I make it the way my mum did... very easy peasy yummy scrummy..... it's good for any time of year, not sure why I only do it at Christmas.... 

Supplies are.... finger biscuits (not sure of their proper name), peach slices, best thick custard you can (my mum used to make a wonderful egg custard but mine ALWAYS turns scrambled), best sherry/port you can (if you don't like alcohol you can use the syrup from the canned peaches), some jam (apricot or raspberry are my favourite) - and some whipped cream for later...

Spread a little jam on the biscuits and layer them ....  

pour liberal amount of sherry to soak up (I like to taste test the sherry to make sure it's ok)

then add a layer of sliced peaches..... 

... and a good layer of custard (which will ooze down the sides of the biscuits 

Next layer of jammed and soaked biscuits (at this stage I soak the biscuits in a different container and move them over or it all dribbles down)

... another generous layer of peach.... 

... and more custard.... (I am very generous with the custard) 

cover with cling wrap and leave overnight ..... 

Just before serving layer with whipped cream and whatever - some years I use cherries, silver icing balls, this year I used toasted almond slivers....

Devour ....

I have rather neglected my Dutch Treat blocks lately but I did finish this one this week....

... and I got into the sewing room yesterday to have a play with my scrappy beach houses....

They are not well made, I rushed them and many roofs have their points off.... but they still look pretty...

I want a long thin wall hanging ... this is the start ... with some scrappy sky 

I will do another 6 rows to get it to the size I want.....

Meanwhile, I have started sorting my UFO's and kits to get some sort of list up for 2018 ... my one regular thing I do each year....  the list is long.... hmmmmm

Righto, Gotto Go... beach huts and UFO's are calling....


  1. Excellent idea for decorations! Now that looks like a good easy trifle to me, you could always grate a little chocolate on top for contrast.....pretty Dutch Treat block. I like your beach houses, they would be very sun safe, an important consideration for one who (like me) burns easily.

  2. Hi Fiona love your cute decorations i have some of that fabric too,love the purses and i have already used mine,its a great size.
    I love triffle,i make mine the same way but use jam swill rolls sliced into 1/2" slices and i use orange juice instead of sherry,i made 2 lots at xmas and they both went,lol,i am like you Fiona i would lick the bowl clean,lol.
    Love your dutch block and those beach houses look fantastic,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  3. And a very Happy New Year to you! Love your beach houses. I'd like to live in a beach house! I still need to make my project list for 2018. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday? Yummy looking trifle. Until you got to the almonds, which I'm allergic to. If I make it, I'll just substitute something else yummy.

  4. Yumm trifle. I had planned to make one but we ended up with pav instead. Love the decorations & purses. Dutch treat is looking good as are your little houses. Hugs, xx

  5. I love how you did the ornaments, that is a wonderful idea and the finishing is beautiful.
    The houses are fun, a little wonky is best;)
    I hope your new year brings blessings for you and your family.


  6. The ornies turned out great! I really love my purse. I make the same trifle as Shez. I like it a tad boozy but No.1 son who loves it so much doesn't so we do without lol! Nice to follow your Mum's tradition. I love how your beach houses are looking. They look as if they perched overlooking a beautiful ocean vista xx

  7. aww... you are so nice... I am only just working out all this blogging... but I must say it is fun reading other blogs including yours... and also Have a very Happy New Year...

  8. I was one of the lucky recipients of those lovely ornie... thank you....cute purses 👛..
    Your mums trifle recipe looks great..
    The beach houses look good, not all houses have pointy rooves !!
    Nice DT block in green...

  9. Yummy and awesome ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

  10. Your decorations are always lovely. You come up with some great ideas. Love the zipper pouches, too.
    The trifle looks delicious. We have always made them with jelly layers as well, but yours looks rather tasty. May have to try it.
    Great seeing the beach houses come together. You have made a a lot!

  11. Ooh your ornaments are so pretty!!! And those pouches! The zips look fine to me....your Dutch Treat looks so complicated, well done girl! I might have to stitch up some beach houses, I'm longing for beach weather...looking GREAT.

  12. I have the same issue with my list being too long, but still it is good to put it in writing and start the year on a positive note! Love the little Natalie Bird purses, very sweet applique design. You dutch blocks are so delicate, they are going to be wonderful all together.

  13. Love the beach houses. So cheerful.
    I'm not sure I'll make a list this year. When I list everything that needs doing, it would be a 5 year plan at least!

  14. Hi Susan...a lovely post here, that Trifle looks pretty good (I nearly devoured it through the screen lol). I’m still here...just having a time uploading photos onto the blog as it takes so long! Wishing you and your Family wonderful 2018!

  15. Happy new year!
    Great trifle recipe, I make one with berries in jelly but no alcohol in my tipsy cake.
    Love the ornaments and I enjoyed displaying my one on a special tree, thankyou.
    Very complicated Dutch treat block!
    Love those beach houses!

  16. Very pretty ornaments Fiona, a lovely gift to your friends.
    Sorry, I couldn't find your writing about when you are coming to my house with that trifle in your basket? Call in any time... LOL

  17. Cute beach houses. The truffle looks yummy. I should also dig out and make a list of ufos and kits I have yuck here and there. Happy New Year Fiona

  18. I agree, taste testing is sooo important, would be a rum deal if it didn´t taste right! As usual an eye candy post, thank you for sharing all your adorable work. take care xcx

  19. Your beach houses look great on their gentle beach slope, with the blue sky above! Very clever setting :)

    Trifle is not done at all here in the States, so I've only ever read about it. It looks wonderfully rich and decadent and boozy...

  20. You’re making me hungry with that trifle. Yummo! Your makes are all lovely. I’m starting to sort my UFOs too. I really need to focus on finishing some.

  21. Love the decorations you made.. and the pretty pouches - yes you need to make one for yourself :) I was so organized and on a roll with planning for this year until I got the flu and had to travel again... but I do have to look at my UFOs again, work out my goal for the year, etc, etc... :) Fun! Happy New Year! xx

  22. Happy new year! I love those purses, they are adorable!

  23. Absolutely gorgeous gifties that you made Fiona! It's been years since I've had trifle but I used to enjoy it a lot...next year I'll have to make/hunt out some GF sponge cakes to use for one.


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