Saturday, January 6, 2018


Last week I worked on my beach huts project...... You may remember over 2017 I joined the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and each month I made about 30 beach huts from the different colours.... so I had a LOT of beach huts by the end of the year....

While I was sorting out my 'list' of UFO's and kits I made a start.... on my previous post I showed the first part of my picture.....

I added more huts and plain blue to get the shape I wanted... the plain blue at the bottom was really only provided to stick on my sand and sea

Here is my picture.... I want to do thread work to bring out more texture ... but thats on the back burner for a while....

Didn't use up many of my beach huts so I carried on joining... this will be a mat....

... and this will be a pair of tray cloths ......

... and I still have some left ......

The huts were fun.... I learnt that I don't need to make so many things....(but I was wanting to use up scraps), and mainly I should rather take time to make whatever block nicely, even if it is a scrap project.

I did get a bit of my quilting done....(I did not piece this quilt but it was passed on as a donation)

This is quite a big pieced quilt.....  I did a mixture of all over quilting in the central area...

and 'customised' the borders....

Just need the binding done now... it's too hot for that big quilt on my lap.... so it's going to wait also!

Righto, Gotto Go.... work sewing back on and I have a quilt to pin.....

I also need to make up my list of UFO's and kits this weekend (2018 plans??????)

have a wonderful weekend......xx


  1. I have no idea how to join this group and swap blocks can you please help me.

  2. I would love to join, how do I do it?

    1. Hi Jillian, the email was returned so not sure if the address is correct. I was in a block swap several years ago via blogs but have no links now.... you could do a search through google or on facebook/instagram if you use them... sorry I can't help....

  3. I am intrigued by your mat. I hope you'll show more pictures when it is done. It looks very interesting. Have you counted how many beach houses you have? It sounds like your patio / porch / veranda will have a beach house theme. Enjoy the nice weather. We are getting -39 Celsius (including wind factor) this weekend. :^D

  4. Love what you've created with your beach houses. Love the quilt & your quilting. Hugs, xx

  5. Love the huts, sew many scraps to make those huts and still a lot left I'm sure. In stitches

  6. I love how you did it with the scene coming in, really nice art piece.
    Your quilting is beautiful, I need to practice my free motion.


  7. I love your beach hut picture quilt. It looks great! I didn't realise you had done so many lol! Beautiful quilting on that lovely quilt.

  8. I can't believe you made so many houses or that they've gone so far. Love the beach scene.

  9. Beautiful work my friend ,love the huts,well done 💋

  10. I didn't realise you had so many huts.....

  11. Love your beach houses! Great quilting on the donation will be loved by its new owner.

  12. I do love how you put the beach houses together....I'm sure you'll find a use for the others.

  13. I love your beach huts so so so so much!!!!

  14. I love your beach huts as well....a very creative way to put them together.

  15. I love how you've put the first lot of beach huts together and great use of (most of) the remainder of them too. Gosh it sure does show how many you made! Yummy rich colours in the donation quilt and lovely quilting too. Hope your list making is going well - if I made one it would overwhelm me I'm sure!!

  16. I've been watching your Beach Huts on Instagram. I like the direction they are going...out to sea! :)

    Very pretty piece you are quilting up for someone else. It looks Christmassy?

  17. Are you sure the huts have not multiplied on their own when you were not looking? Love the idea of creating a picture with your huts. And all the other projects will be a lovely bonus.

  18. beach huts... I thing you deserve time down the

  19. Love what you've been doing with your beach huts :)
    Pretty quilt with gorgeous quilting xx

  20. I did wonder what was to become of all those huts, when I saw how many were being made last year... Great ideas with using them Fiona.

  21. I love what you did with your beach huts!

  22. So many lovely beach huts. All those scraps put to great use.


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