Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Threadcatcher Tutorial ......

One of my little things is my portable sewing kit is a little threadcatcher that folds up.....

It's easy to make.... 

(not my idea... I got given one ready made and just copied it...)

Cut your hexagons... my larger one is 5" along the sides ... and the smaller one  is 3 1/2" .... 
(this makes the end triangle base sides 5")

(... of course you can make it bigger... or smaller - whatever flies your kite!)

cut one larger hexagon and one smaller in a contrast fabric... I also cut a small one in iron on light vilene just to add a bit of firmness....

iron on the vilene to the back of the smaller block

put the small hexagon onto the larger one wrong sides together.....

I used little drops of soluble glue to hold in place - pins will do

(there is no reason you can't use double sided iron on if you like....... whatever lights your candle)

then double fold the sides of the large hexagon to make a hem over the smaller hexagon.... 

... pin in place....

(or use those clever clips ... whatever cuts your cake!)

... then sew around all edges.....

(I did mine by machine... you can hand sew of course... whatever blows your hair back....)

then take up one side of the hexagon and fold in half and sew that edge up....

do this around 3 of the edges....

... so it makes a triangular little bowl....

 ... just fold in on one side to flatten and pop in your sewing bag

(or case, or box... whatever sails your boat)

...easy peasy.... 

Righto, I'm off to look in the scrap box to cut more out....


  1. Very pretty thread catcher. I tend to throw mine on the floor and sweep them up when it gets too messy, lol.


  2. hi Fiona,what a great idea and Thankyou for the tutorial,hope you are having a lovely day my friend xx

  3. What a great idea. I like the way it fold us to put in my travel sewing kit. I enjoyed all the little cliches too but this tutorial really "flloats my boat."

  4. Cute! Might whip up one or two when we come home from our holiday.

  5. Nifty, Fiona! Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Dear Fiona,
    cute, fast and practically.
    My boat is sailing, hair is blown back, cake is cut, candle ist lit, kite flies, but the threadcatcher is not done. What did I do wrong?

  7. very snazzy..... great tutorial too, thanks for sharing..

  8. Thankyou dear Bubz fantastic,,,,now to make some x

  9. Thanks Fiona! Love your funny little sayings...you are a real hoot!

  10. Very interesting Fiona, thanks for the run down.

  11. How much FuN are they!!! Nice job xox

  12. What a great idea, I'm always leaving little ends in a pile ready for the bin, only to find one of the cats playing with it, thanks for sharing xcx

  13. How handy Fiona. Perfect size for a sewing bag

  14. How darling!!! Thanks for the tute, hon....I'm browsing through all your posts I missed, oh how I love your cushion cover, you did a brilliant job! You just make the prettiest things and your FMQ is to die for!

  15. Love it!!!! Plus all the chill out references hahaha!

  16. Genius! That tutorial is the most entertaining set of instructions I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I enjoyed flying my kite, lighting my candle, sailing my (imaginary) boat and blowing my hair. The cake? Well, I took that one step further and ate it!

  17. Trust you to be able to entertain your readers while teaching them something so fun & handy to make!!
    I'm blown, floated, flown, lit, cut & sailed... & gonna make one of those really soon... thanks for the fun lesson! x

  18. Great idea. Love it. Thanks for the tutorial. Hugs,xx

  19. Clever little thing! and as always vey entertaining - certainly rocked my socks!!

  20. great tutorial Fiona :D I'd forgotten all about thread catchers, my carpet seems to do the job very well

  21. This is a delightful idea. Thank you!!

  22. Ok Fiona, I made it. It sews up like a dream, fast and easy. I'll enjoy using this thread catcher when I travel. I'll post about it in my blog soon. Is it ok if I link to your tutorial?

  23. great little tutorial. Thanks so much Fiona xx


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