Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spoilt I am....

I have to admit I don't wait to open gifts unless I HAVE to....

De came up the mountain at the weekend and we were able to catch up for a while.... as we said goodbye she gave me this lovely gift..

 I have lusted after her beautiful folded stars that have seen elsewhere.. so pleased to have my own

My pretty new dishcloth is already in use and I am set for my lists for next year (I do love lists!)

Thank you so much De.... was really so sweet of you.... and it was lovely spending time with you and meeting some of your family...x

Then another box of parcels arrived for me from Dawnie.... how pretty are these in their gold paper and black labels.... I just love pretty parcels... 

I'll show you some of what's in there next time!!

I made a couple of these sponge cakes this last week for various birthdays, lunches and things.....

Just a sponge with fresh whipped cream with a spot of vanilla and then some defrosted raspberries for a surprise tang.... topped with toasted almonds or chocolate flakes... easy peasy yummy scrummy.... 

(My recipes for 4 egg sponge and home made vanilla HERE)

... and my pic of the week....

These are 3 grandies (my eldest daughters 3) in the UK having some Christmas fun....

simply adorable (non biased opinion!)

Righto, Gotto Go.... I have parcels to unwrap!... and sewing to do!


  1. You are welcome! How yummy does that sponge cake look!

  2. lol lusting after a star,glad you got one then,thank heavens for De coming to the rescue,De put together a wonderful parcel for you,and that sponge sure looks yummy,love that pic of your grandies,i think they take after their nanna,lol,they like having fun,lol.

  3. Lots of great parcels. The folded star does look good. Your sponge cake looks terrific and the acrobatic grandchildren look delightful. Their tower is quite an achievement.

  4. I just saw those stars at a meeting last week, and immediately came home and bookmarked a tutorial. The picture of the grandies is so adorable!!

  5. That sponge looks so yummy Fiona. I agree with you that it is a gorgeous photo of the grandies.

  6. Oh - Keep the kettle going - I am on my way for the sponge cake!!
    LOL - the grandies look like they are a happy bunch.
    De's stars are very desirable.

  7. Lovely post, great pic of your grandchildren. Exciting parcels, can't wait to see inside.

  8. Those grand kids do look like they are having a fun time. Enjoy opening your pressies. hugs

  9. Spoilt indeed Lovely gifts from De and how nice to catch up with her
    Sponge looks yummy and the grandies look pretty special too

  10. How lovely, can't wait to see what's in the other packages too

  11. Where are you going to fit all these gifts that are arriving? :)
    Delicious cake!
    The photo of your grandies is totally gorgeous!

  12. That's a special Living Christmas tree your daughter has at her house. Gorgeous.
    Lovely gifts come your way.
    Enjoy unwrapping.

  13. Pretty presents and lovely folded star…why wait if you don't have to…

  14. Hey Fiona nothing wrong with being. spoilt! How good does that sponge look!

  15. Black and gold - my favourite combo! A link please to those folded stars?

  16. Lovely pics! The star is fabulous!

  17. I have never heard of a folded star before so bit intrigued about how that is made!
    Great sponge, my MIL is famous for hers, so I have never tried to compete, but might have to try out your recipe this weekend.
    Very cute picture of the kids!

  18. Lovely gifts and beautiful photo

  19. What a truly gorgeous photo of the grand kids. So special and how happy do they look. Precious.


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