Friday, December 20, 2013

not ready....

... simply not going to finish a couple of Christmas items this year....

.... these are the stitcheries for the wallhanging from Gail Pan's book Simply Christmas.... done on some lovely soft linen ......

This year Quilters Angel has been supporting RSPCA......  A quilt was raffled earlier this year

.... and over the last month people have been donating food and items for delivery on Christmas Eve...

I try and make useful pieces with scraps and wadding when I experiment with some quilting....

these blocks were given to me and are made from a fairly course cotton ..... and I have some sweet pooh bear cotton curtaining I used for backing... 

I rather like a couple of cared pets getting a quilt each....
(and I'm sure they won't mind the experimentas quilting)

... the other thing I won't have ready this Christmas is my North Pole quilt... though I have been working on the quilting....

this blue stippling is in metallic blue so there is a little shine to it.....

.. and the borders are with silver thread ....

.. the work to do now is adding all the embellishments on it and sew down the binding .....

Righto, Gotto Go....  I have to start my UFO list for next year??????


  1. Well the good part is that they will be ready for Christmas next year. We always try to do too much.
    Love the idea of the scrap quilts going to the RSPCA.

  2. Hello Fiona,

    Merry Christmas. Remember there is always Christmas in July! Love those dog cartoons. Perfect backing for the little quilts.

    Happy days.

  3. Oh Fee, I know what you mean about running out of time for more finishes for this Christmas!! I had to abandon several items I wanted to make until next year! 😕 ... Your stitcheries, as always are gorgeous; and the dog mats are lovely too! I look forward to seeing your Christmas quilt once it's finally finished - the quilting looks fabulous!! Happy Christmas sweet!! Hugs x

  4. I hear you, have two quilts that are not going to make the finished list this year. Oh well we will have something to brag about in January!! Besides finishing the Christmas shopping is more important..I think!

  5. you gave it a good try Fiona and you will have then ready for next xmas,my friend and what a sweet thing to do for the RSPCA.xx

  6. Lucky puppies getting handmade quilts for Christmas. Hope they don't think the bear is dinner.

    Lovely sparkly quilting, you can enjoy working on it between celebrating.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. Hehe a ufo list for next year sounds like something I need to do too! You have done so much even if you aren't going to get everything on your list done. Your quilting is beautiful and all your projects are just great. Merry Christmas!!

  8. Fiona your quilting is really beautiful I will be sending you my quilts to do for me! Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Hugs xxx

  9. The pups will love their quilts. Your FMQ is gorgeous Fiona. Hugs...

  10. A very worthy cause! Might as well get a head start on next year.....

  11. Well you can say that you are ahead of the game for the cartoons and your little quilts too.

  12. You sound like me, so many things to do and can never get it all done, but we can finish them for next year.


  13. LOL! Really like the cartoons. So much hidden truth in them!!!! Your quilting is perfect!!! I've been using so much more metallic thread this year and it's really been working so yours appears to be!!!!! Love it!!!! Hugs.....


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