Thursday, June 6, 2013

Footy Stuff.....

So... I tend to use the term 'footy stuff' rather generically.....

As you may know (or may not know) I am not a born and bred Ausi.... so I had to learn about 'footy' stuff  ....

My introduction to Australia 11 years ago was in Victoria where 'Ausi rules' is a most important aspect of culture..... I just wasn't going to fit in anywhere unless I had a local team -  so I quickly decided I needed to support a team....... 

Not knowing anything about the game I obviously did a whole load of research and chose "Hawthorne" ... since at that time it was the team with a load of good looking young men....

 - I stated to my work colleagues "I root for Hawthorne" only to be taken aside gently and told that in Australia you don't 'root' the football team - your 'barrack' your team... rooting over here is entirely a different thing......

then I moved to South Australia only to be told it is quite acceptable to root the whole team.....

(no suitable picture found)

Most confusing... so I do understand that people may not understand when I refer to 'footy 

I did find a pictoral explanation (I always find it much easier to have pictures - don't you?)

Then we moved to Queensland where there is more of the rugby type of footy
- so again I had to unlearn and relearn - 

Picture highly beefed up blokes.....  loads of testosterone, hormones, steroids, protein drinks, and whatever else.....

even if I'm not a footy fan I can still have my favourites?

add extra shoulder padding, and tight shirts and pants.... so this part is quite fun to watch....

there are rituals

- no I don't know what they are trying to say here - 

then add a ball... not a round ball... an oval sortof ball....

and add sweat, and thumping, and rolling in the dirt ...........

there is a multiple of games that fit into my interpretation of 'footy stuff'.... for those who need finer definition... there is 

  • AFL - or Ausi rules ( they cut their sleeves off and it really is quite complimentary)
  • Football... or Soccer.... - this is a bit different.. they have round balls...
  • Rugby League..... sort of football, sort of rugby 
  • Rugby Union ... coming from Africa.. this is a real mans game.... (usually the players have fantastic legs and wear very short shorts... most complimentary)

.. and actually I played this game once....

 I have proof....front page of the national newspaper....

oh golly.... my legs were great in those days!

now can you see why I am obsessed with this game... it ruined my reputation for ever

It is also important to dress appropriately when supporting such sports

the more sillier you can look the more supportive you are.....

Personally I go for cricket.... also a ball sport.... but less beafed up - more the lean athletic types .... and they wear white..... VERY complimentary over tight butts...

I think you will agree.....

alright... just one more view.....

Ashes in on soon... we might need another post to explain the Ashes.. and cricket....

* disclaimer.... any genuine footy fans are requested not to take offense.. this is simply my view....

Righto, Gotto Go..... in true blue fashion I don't want to talk about last nights game!

after all this is a crafty blog......


  1. Your hilarious. You had me giggling the whole way through your post. I've lived in Australia and to be honest I can't stand Footy....believe it or not Soccer is my thing. I just love it.

  2. ROFLMAO!!!! Oh my Fiona!!! You had me giggling from the onset - and I'm not even a 'footy', lol, fan!! ... Though, admittedly, the other night I was checking in on how my daughter was going through her dinner (Friday night, so she was planted in front of the game with Grandad and I was sewing on the other side of the loungeroom with my back to the tele and my earphones blaring some more desirable show ;) ) and I spotted a nice looking #15 fella! LOL! *ALMOST* enough to get me to watch it ... but then, not quite :) Thanks for the laugh hun!! I needed it after today's study session!!!

  3. Very cheeky. I'm not into footy either. Test match cricket for me.

  4. Brilliant! Got to say, the All Blacks are my favourite rugby team and red pants under white trousers are not good! Mum and dad took us to watch county cricket, and we had to sit behind a player who obviously hadn't thought out his wardrobe, scarred me for life, lol

  5. No, we won't talk about last night.......*grin*!

  6. you are so funny Fiona what an amusing post,you should write a book,and my you sure look good in those shorts,you would've had plenty of guys chasing you playing footy,lol.,well done.xx

  7. I am left wordless - that was so funny!!

  8. LOL! I'll have to show the boys your post Fiona.

  9. thankyou for your sports round up... lol
    very funny!

  10. I love the post on "Footy Stuff". I once used the term "rooting" and spent the rest of the game trying to explain myself amidst howls of laughter! Don't use that term any more now!!

  11. Oh you so it. At least you have chosen the right State of origin Team...thank goodness for Mr Bubrugz. LOL! Wowee! Great legs and a National newspaper no less. You have been hiding your light (legs) under a bushel. I am so looking forward to your explanation on the Ashes and cricket....still chuckling here :)

  12. Go the Mighty Tigers (Richmond, AFL or Aussie Rules Footy)!

  13. Silly me. I thought you'd be showing us what you achieved while the mr was occupied.
    Excellent explanation from a non native. Do like those butts in the white pants! Thanks for the giggle.

  14. Born n breed Victorian, l loved living in Sydney as the sports was so diluted by all four types of football competing for attention that we heard very little! Poor DH love the Hawkes and life in Adelaide a he gets a AFL saturated sports, but drives me nuts, hence love your carton, they are all talking double Dutch to me! Having a lot of fun explaining patchwork terminology to my sons Grade 1 class, stings, sandwiches and fat quarters all make alot more sense!

  15. Very impressive explanation! And wonderful entertainment! Thanks for some good fun!

  16. Too funny! I don't follow any sort of sport, but I do like to watch sometimes.....for all the scantily-clad sweaty-beefcake reasons you mentioned! Ha!

  17. That was a good giggle, Miss Front Page Girl. For outfits, I rather prefer the white trousered look too. And last night's game sure was true BLUE fashion. (not that I watched).

  18. I am not a footy fan of any kind but I don't mind seeing the men in with tight jerseys on , baseball is my favorite game . I enjoyed your post and as usual you gave me a smile :-)

  19. ROFL

    Love your description of footy, I think AFL guys have the best butts, My hubby was a Rugby Union player so he loved your description of them,

    Last nights game was GREAT.....

    My favourite ball game is Tennis

  20. OMG how funny is that post :) It reminds me of a story my mum told me. She had not been here long from the UK and found herself in an awkward situation involving a work with two meanings! Mum just could not understand why this friend wanted her to buy the said item. All he really wanted was sticky tape but that was not the word he used ....... poor mum :s

  21. Oh Fiona, this was a PERFECT explanation of "footy"! I will never understand the games but now I have "flash cards" (pun intended) so I can at least put a name to them. Nah. I'll just call them all "footy stuff". And watch the gorgeous
    This post is priceless!

  22. Oh dear, I can relate to this post. When I moved here in 2005, I too quickly learned one way or another that what were normal words for me : fanny pack, rooting around, rubber, etc...had a totally different meaning here..all found with lots of giggles, of course!

  23. Brilliant post, so funny!! But of course the best sort of 'footy' is the union variety, and even better when it is my own favourite team, the All Blacks playing(and hopefully winning lol)

  24. I enjoyed the's good to have a laugh ...I grew up on a diet of Rugby League in Sydney..and here in NZ it is all about the Rugby ( or Rugby Union as i used to call it) very serious they are about it here.

  25. OK, so now I understand the 'white pants' reference!!
    Yes all the various codes of 'football' must be confusing to Non-Aus folks... love the very scientific way you chose your team to support!
    NRL is also called Thugby sometimes, I wonder why?
    I am a cricket fan too - and yes there are some seriously gorgeous players in white pants - but Shane Warne was never gorgeous, and these days he looks like a KenDoll who has been in front of the heater too long!!

    Great post Fiona - you are indeed a good Aussie girl... x

  26. You are so funny Fiona, I had to read parts of your post to hubby! Of course in NZ we only follow the 'real' rugby!! And a bit of soccer of course. Hugs Wendy


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