Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Block party.....

Seems to be a bit of a block party going on at my house....

For the last few years I have been taking part in swapping blocks over HERE where we are allocated a partner and make each other a block according to requirements.... (anyone can join)

These are blocks I collected in my first year and have only now put them together.....  there are a couple more but they are very different so I will include them in something else....and because of the number of blocks it was long and thin so I added some rainbow charms to the sides.....

I'm not sure if I will add borders.. what do you think?

In the meantime I have great organisation going on at my sewing table for my jelly roll sampler quilt.....

perhaps I will just have a slice of cake.... I'm quite famous round these parts for my superior glossy icing....
(sorry I can't share the recipe.... family secret!)

...... back to the blocks - these are my latest towards my Paris Flea Market Jelly Roll Sampler...

Rolling Pinwheel

Union Square

just delicious fabrics.. this will be a pretty pretty girly quilt....

I've saved the best set of blocks for last.... this is grandiegirl 3 years old design....

....apparently she wanted to make something like Nana does.....

Righto, Gotto Go..... fine weather outside for sewing inside today.... 


  1. ohhh howw cute your GD quilt is awesome,sounds like you have a little apprentice there Fiona.xx

  2. Lots of work going on there... sorry you can't share your secret recipe ;) xxx

  3. Don't worry about sharing the recipe, I'll be over to taste a piece...
    Your GDs quilt is just gorgeous. you will need to hang it in your cave.
    Love all your blocks..
    Your swap block quilt looks great. Only woke this morning wondering what to change my next block to, this one good....

  4. Love all your blocks at your party - so glad you took time out for cake - otherwise I would not have believed you were partying.
    Your first quilt looks fine as is, I don't think it needs borders.
    Special little quilt from your special GG.

  5. I don't think that your block party needs boarders, it looks great the way it is. Your sampler blocks are looking fantastic, and don't worry your secret is safe with me and Betty Crocker....Did you watch the Soccer last night. The Socceroos were legends.

  6. Your jelly roll blocks are looking wonderful Fiona. Chloe has made herself a lovely patchwork quilt.

  7. The Grandie quilt is so gorgeous, she is going to be as talented as her Nana if she keeps that up. Like your block party quilt and your jelly roll block. Yummy cake, you have the same recipe as my daughter for the glossy icing.

  8. Oh you are so funny Fiona! I love Betty Crocker icing - your cake looks divine. I really like the charms either side of your swap blocks - great idea! Your Paris Flea Market (LOVE that range) jelly roll sampler is AMAZING!! Soooooo beautiful. I'm really looking forward to seeing this once completed.

  9. Oh, she's definitely a chip off the old block! Love the progress you've made with the blocks, it's going to be a stunning quilt, so colourful and a great way to remember all that took part

  10. wow, I never knew Betty visited Australia too...that girl gets around~ lol! xx debbie

  11. I can always rely on you for a bit of a giggle. Those Paris flea markets fabrics are coming together so well and I love the block swap top - no need for a border unless you want it bigger - and you could just do more charm squares like you have already!!
    Wonder if I could get that recipe off the web?

  12. Ohh Im in love with your Paris Flea Market blocks, gorgeous!So is your rainbow quilt!
    Its lovely when the grandkids want to follow what you do!!

  13. your swap block quilt looks great. Like the borders you added they look very effective.
    Was that icing recipe handed down from your great aunt Betty?
    grandiegirl's quilt is so sweet. Bet that hit your heartstrings.

  14. Hi Fiona,
    Yummy, cake, yummy blocks, oh's all yum!!! I wouldn't add an edge to your party quilt it look great as is.
    Cheers, Anita.

  15. Hello Fiona,

    Oh I do love your bright licorice style quilt. Love the quiltmaker in the making, my style of instructions.
    Gotta love Betty for such lovely icing.

    Happy days.

  16. That beautiful block from your GD needs to be framed :o) hugs

  17. You really are on a roll there ... beautiful blocks all round :)

  18. Cute blocks from your grandiegirl Fiona. Love your swap blocks also - think it looks great as is. sounds like a fun swap. Your sampler is looking great - think sampler and scrap quilts among my favorites

  19. Your GrandieGirl might just end up being as clever as you are at the sewing machine Fiona ! What a gorgeous work she has done there.
    Heavens, all the cake in your posts lately, I get hungry just reading your blog!

  20. Lovely bright quilt and your new blocks are beautiful. You are such a hard case!! (that means funny!) Hugs Wendy

  21. Beautiful blocks Fiona , they will make a very pretty girly quilt and your dear GD did a great job too , a chip off the old block I guess . hugs Sheila

  22. How cute of your little grandie. Love those blocks and I might just have to look out some of that fabric!


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