Saturday, June 8, 2013

FNWF ... even though it was ADWF (all day with friends)......

.... it all started with our monthly gathering at The Quilters Angel.... for serious stitching....

I took carrot cake ..........

... and collected a layer cake of "Papillon" which I scored on a weekend special from The Quilters Angel.... it's worth keeping an eye out on both their blog and facebook page for these.....

It's gorgeous...........

 Here are some of the girls hard at work.....
(Marion had been racing around all morning and was having a late lunch)

... and here's Kris and I hard at work.....

(took me all day to stuff that giant pink pincushion) 

 Kris brought me a lovely surprise... this month I was one of the OPAM winners and the prize was this lovely book full of inspiration....  look at the detail in this quilt on the cover ....

Robyn Ginn is a local quilter/artist and I have long admired her work... here is an example from the back cover.... 

... then I had to go off to the post office to post a parcel since it was somebodies birthday

.... and exhausted as I was I did sit and do a few stitches last night in front of the TV.... 
I finished all that grey blue steam and started on the gold teapot....

Then I had the most wonderful surprise...... I discovered it's a holiday on Monday.... I get Hubz to play with for an extra day....

Righto, Gotto Go... I'm off to see if I can find the white cricket pants...... hmmmmm


  1. great post fiona,good to see you had a wonderful day with special friends,love that cake it looks so yummy and congrats on your book it looks fantastic,enjoy your weekend.xx

  2. Beautiful pintuffet! Sounds like you had a very lovely day...any day with friends, a gift, AND carrot cake is a winner in my book!

    Love the teapot stitchery. Hoping you find those pants...:)


  3. A holiday on Monday!! Yay...another day of sewing or stitching!!! Yippee.
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. ADWF sounds fabulous, and a long weekend is icing on the cake. Enjoy it!

  5. You look spent you have been working so hard in that photo!
    lovely new stitchery
    wow a gold teapot, how posh.

  6. What a fun day.....and carrot cake, too!

  7. Looks like you had a perfect long and Kris were very busy!!!!!

  8. Sounds like just the right kind of day.

  9. What a great day Fiona. I saw a piccie of you filling that big pincushion on Kris' blog and I know how messy it can be.
    Enjoy your long weekend.

  10. What a fabulous way to spend Friday.
    Pretty little teapot to add to your collection.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. What a wonderful day with friends Fiona.

  12. Sounds like a lovely day sewing with friends Fiona. p.s. I am impressed with that pincushion

  13. That Robyn Ginn Pattern looks Amazing Your Pincushion Looks Lovely.

  14. Lovely large pincushion you made , great layer cake and congrats on winning this month!Enjoy the long weekend:-) hugs sheila

  15. Sounds like a great day..that pincushion is big so I can see why it took so long..enjoy the long weekend..

  16. A whole day and night for sewing. Well done.
    Great to be with a group of friends - certainly lifts the spirits!

  17. Sounds like a fun night, and I love carrot cake.

  18. sounds like you had a wonderful day, I think I need a pincushion that big lol!!

  19. What a lovely day you had. Love the pin cushion, looks like it's almost big enough to sit on

  20. Cricket pants? Did I miss something?!
    Looks like the perfect room in which to sit & sew with friends - and eat that delish carrot cake!!

  21. What fun...all that stitching with friends. Gorgeous fabric. I love that book...beautiful. Have fun with bubz..Lol :-)

  22. What a fun way to spend a day. Stitching, chatting and eating goodies with friends..
    Love the HUGE pincushion.

  23. Great post, Fiona. Such a delicious looking cake too.

  24. A lovely looking book - I think it will be well read and used. I made one of those pin cushions - they take so much stuffing dont they. It sounds like a lovely day stitching with friends.


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