Monday, March 7, 2011

An unusual pincushion

~ this pincushion has come to live at my house ~

~ I have never seen one like it and think the idea is so unique ~

~ it is a pine cone stuffed with little pillows ~

~ here you can see some of the scales were removed to make space for the little pillows ~

~ someone made dozens of little pillows ~
~ they are about 2cm diameter ~

~ screwed onto a base ~

~ I have to admit it is not the most practical of pincushions ~

~ the base is a bit wobbly and the pins keep pulling the little pillows out ~
~ nothing a bit of weight and a glue-gun won't fix ~

~ brightens up my window ledge ~

~ hoping it brightens your week ~


  1. Looks interesting. I think I have seen something similar as a Christmas decoration.

  2. That is an intersting pin cushion but like you said, more decorative than practical.
    My husband has popped your bean seeds in the post today so I hope they arrive soon.

  3. I've never seen anything like this, very interesting

  4. That definitely has to be the most unique pin cushion I've ever seen! And good for the person that made all of those little "pillows"...she/he has a lot more patience than I do! :o) If nothing else, it does make for an interesting piece of art!



  5. It's amazing !!

    Hot glue the little pillows. Re-stuff the lower pillows with something heavy like rice to weigh it down !

  6. My goodness, I have never seen anything like it! I have a friend who loves pine cones, I need to show it to her!

  7. I remember having one of these YEARS ago! It didn't have a fancy base but, I agree, not too practical!

  8. Nice to see a different pin cushion... even if it needs a little work! How unique!

  9. That sure is unique , can't imagine making all those tiny pillows !

  10. What a great piece of sewing folk art!

  11. I have never seen a pin cushion like that before. I can't believe the base is made from a pine cone.

  12. Totally cool! I love unique stuff like that!
    xx, shell

  13. I haven't seen one of them for YEARS!! I haven't actually seen one used as a pin cushion but I remember as a kid when mum was part of the craft group at primary school they made them the same way with the little pillows in them but added a ribbon loop onto the top of them and made them into xmas decorations

  14. I like your pincushion. It's very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I found a similar one in an opshop today so went googling to see if I could find out a bit more about it. I love that yours has some of the pinecone showing between the fabric balls, mine is solid fabric. It's such a fun idea though!


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