Friday, March 11, 2011

Is It Colourful Friday Already?

Where, oh where is the time going so quickly?

Spotty and Dotty is the theme for Robyn's Colourful Friday this fortnight.....

I received these fantastic Ying Yang bean seeds with an awesome knitted washcloth (how can you not be happy using that happiest of colours) from Tracy this week..... her rural country life blog is inspiring me to get in my garden .....

I think these must be the most awesome spots and dots I have seen for ages.....

a dishtowel.... waiting to be made into a bag.......

sunflower seeds..... very soon the galah's will attack this plant....

a picture frame.... with no picture!!

aboriginal artwork..... I have a fabric wallhanging

my favouritist tea cup set... all different colour spots.... oh, tea tastes so good in these....

~ mmm.... I think I'll go and make myself a cuppa ~
~ Hubz may have left me a Hot Cross Bun to go with it ~

Have a Happy, Dotty Spotty Colourful Friday.....  and the best of weekends....


  1. Happy Spotty Dotty Friday :o)

    Would love to see your whole teaset together ... the one cup is sweet.

  2. love the beads and dish cloth and the pretty cup....

  3. Love the fun, cheerful cup! Enjoy! Nola

  4. The beads are unusual but I just love your teacup!

  5. You just reminded me to get more spotty fabric! Have a fun spotty Friday!

  6. Lovely dots, Fiona - you just brought back a memory - many years ago, I wanted white curtains with black polka dots and couldn't find spotty fabric anywhere! So I brought out the black fabric paint, white muslin, and pencil and made my own - I loved those curtains, lol!

  7. Hello there....thank you for your nice comment on my log cabin quilt....

  8. I think the sunflower photo is very original! Great thinking 99.
    Mandy :)

  9. Love your spots and dots Fiona... we were on the same wave length with a couple of our photos today! xx

  10. Hi Fiona, That cup and saucer set is a bit sweet! I have been prowling around all the CF bloggers to see their spots and dots and it is interesting to see a few of us have some aboriginal art work done in dots. Kind regards, Anita.

  11. A lovely spotty dotty group. I love the spotty cup and saucer.

  12. Hi Fiona. Great dotty, spotty collection. The bean seeds do look quite amazing. Perfect for this post. I have really enjoy the sunflowers too, this year. Always so cheerful. But your tea-cup set it to die for. Just beautiful!!!!
    Great pictures.
    PS My redwork block went in the mail to you today. Should arrive early next week.

  13. Hello Fiona!
    Hey such a great spotty collection of this n that! Love the sunflower also and that beautiful teacup.
    Hope you did enjoy your cuppa and the Hot x bun... mmm a good idea me thinks ;-)
    Happy Spotty Friday!!

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  15. Your tea cup is beautiful. I really love the photo of the sunflower! Wonderful photos. Have a great weekend!

  16. Lots of neat dots and spots , love the teacup!

  17. I don't think I have any dots and spots.
    Mama Bear

  18. Happy Spotty Dotty Friday.....unusual finds...Warm Regards, Lyn

  19. Love the spots. I would never have thought of beans :)


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