Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I got LOADS of presents .............

Last week I turned 50 something again.....

The ladies in my Fat Quarter Club Melody, Maree, Peg, Laurie, Liz, Leanne sent me these lovely gifts

there is fabric and soap and cream, and chocs and thread and scissor keeper and cards and more....
There was another beetle and Tim Tams and chocolate eclairs - they are now part of the 50 something ecosystem 

.... my little sewing group here have always laughed at my not really existent stash.... whose laughing now???

I'm thrilled with them all - thanks so much ladies.... you are AWESOMENESS

I also received my lovely first Christmas block from Crafty Pug
this is a monthly 12" block swap My theme is Christmas Trees in any traditional colours
isn't this AWESOMENESS?

There has been a group of goat herders and the travelling goats are beginning to return home....

Gruffles arrived home today with some lovely lavender - having been to the Yukon Territory, North Dakota and Western Australia .... he is now adorning a lovely pillow.... I wonder if he will whisper amazing adventure stories as I rest my head??

I love the detail - thanks to Janet, Laura and Maria
This activity has meant I have bloggily met and had some crafty fun with some wonderful people and getting to understand life that is quite different from my own

This is the map from inside his passport showing where he has been - and where he comes from!

Sage and Jupiter (who live with Laura) have arrived too.... for a final touch to their make-over...
for now they need a stretch and a browse of green grass having crossed the Nullarbor Desert

I am putting blocks together as part of Helens The Aussie Spirit quilts
Stitcheries.  The stitchery blocks are being done by people all over and then sent to me
I am expecting 34 stitcheries - so far 12 have arrived and they are so fantastic
I just love the pictures, the hand work is amazing

This will be such fun
Thanks to all those who have sent such lovely fabric - it will be such a great help when putting the blocks together into a quilt

I have also sent out two swaps...  A Once a Season Swap and a Colour Swap
I forgot pictures but I hope that X and Y enjoy their gifts!

I think I'll take out shares in Auspost


  1. Oh....lots of fun stuff...lucky you!!!

  2. You got wonderful gifties for your birthday - lovely and very well-deserved! I adore your little goat, how fun...I have to post off my block to Helen tomorrow, I hope, we've all been sick and I haven't gotten out to do that yet.

  3. What lovely gifts from your friends. Such a great variety. LUCKY YOU. Also lucky are your friends to have you as THEIR friend. Blessings: Dianne.

  4. WOW.. lots happening at your place! Yah!!!! :)

  5. Happy birthday...you are lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful friends. Enjoy!

  6. Well happy belated birthday to you Fiona. It's great to see the goats have arrived safely. I know Maria was a little worried about them.
    I love all your goodies.

  7. I can see you had a Happy Birthday, and birthday wishes from me too.
    The stitcheries look amazing, and will make a beautiful quilt.
    Gruffles looks very contented.

  8. Lots of fun things to play with there. Glad your friends are helping with stashing you up.

    So happy to see Gruffles enjoyed his journey and made it home safely.

    Enjoy those blocks and making the quilt.

  9. Fiona, you really received some wonderful gifts for your birthday, and you certainly deserve each one - and more! And I absolutely adore your "Gruffles"! He is just too, too cute! It does appear as though you are having lots of fun over there with your swaps...enjoy, my friend!



  10. Hi Fiona,
    Oh wow, what lot of fabulous gifts. I'm very happy for you - you deserve them.

  11. Awesome gifts from you friends! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. But, then how could you not with so many wonderful gifts and friends thinking of you. Have fun with everything.Nola

  12. You did well Bubz.....yiur Gruffles is very cute...the stitcheries are lovely Bubz...

  13. Lovely gifts...happy birthday to you!

  14. Happy Happy birthday, lucky you to get such thoughtful gifts xx

  15. Did you mention it was nearly your birthday when you were in Melbourne??
    Lovely additions to your stash. Gruffles looks quite an elegant goat and your Christmas trees are lovely too, will look forward to seeing them multiply.
    A huge Birthday hug to you!!!

  16. Glad you had a Happy Birthday! I wish you many more to come!

  17. Happy Belated birthday Fiona , you received some lovely gifts how nice ! Your little goat came home looking great and full of adventure , isn't it amazing to think he has been around the world and back .You have lots of interesting things on the go , you need more hours in your day ;-) hugs Sheila

  18. Happy Birthday Dear Goat Sister!
    I am happy to see Gruffles is home and has had a wonderful time! The pillow turned out very cute, what a great reminder of our Sisterhood of the Traveling Goat!

  19. I get tired just reading your posts...I sat up until almost 2am this morning tacking on the binding, sleeve and label of the GJ...today, other than go for a walk and spending time on the computer, I haven't done anything.
    Mama Bear


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