Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilting Blocks

cool blogs
free membership
make a block
get a block
use your stash and scraps

choose your style
12" or 6" blocks
Christmas blocks too
your choice of colours

make new blocks
read new blogs
learn new skills
make new friends

one every month
or more if you like
what a bargain

I am a member of this one HERE

So far these are the ones I have made:

I am collecting blocks for an "I Spy" quilt in a Wonky Square block
and these are what I have received so far..........
aren't they great?

There is a second group HERE

There is also a new group for 6 " blocks HERE

There is a Christmas blocks club HERE

These are the blocks I have made so far

These are also 12" blocks

I am collecting Christmas Trees in traditional colours
look at the beauties I have received

It would be such fun to have you join us
just go to any of the pages linked
send them a message
quick as anything they get back to you to find out what you want, your address and all that stuff
that's it
so easy and you also get invited to post on their blog
so you can add your block pictures and show what you have made and received

If you're quick you can enter the giveaway which is specially for new members
some stash to start your blocks with
Go HERE to read up about it

then you can enter for another giveaway by writing an advert
like mine ...
but make it funny
then you have more chance to win

Maybe we will make blocks for each other soon
I hope so


Tarnyia said...

Wonderful poem xxx

Cheryll said...

I think you should be in AdVerTiSiNg ! Well done!

Unknown said...

Well done Fiona

You are in the running, thanks for your support, xx

DeeDee said...

I love all the the poem.... :D

Jodie said...

All the blocks look just gorgeous!!!!

Great poem too..

Hugs - Jodie :)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

How fun! Great poem sweets! :)
Wish I had time for some swaps. They all look wonderful!
xx, shell

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