Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lizards and Gecko's

I have small collection of lizards.... these are a few of my 'treasures' for this week....

This handsome fellow has appeared on my blog before... my SIL made it by wool felting.... beautifully done and clever beads etc added to finish it off .....

This is the largest of my lizards.. I left the light switch in the picture to indicate his size
Quite a handsome wooden fella given to me by my daughter

These are two beautiful ceramic gecko's who were given to me by a friend 

I found this stocky chap at a craft fair.... he sits at my kitchen counter

this rusty old character came with me from Zimbabwe - a friend of mine ran a little business making these

This is a Tuatara from New Zealand (a reptile but not considered a lizard)
Made of metal... good and solid

MIL brought me this handsome lizard from Zimbabwe
beautifully made with wire and beads

Melody is hosting Tuesday's Treasures
and I'm off  HERE to see what others have picked out today
she has gone a bit Gothic today and found some gargoyles

.... whiltst widget is having his snooze
I'm doing a bit of experimenting today with this....

any guesses
here's a clue

Wishing you all a Treasureful Tuesday


  1. What lovely lizards Fiona - I especially love the ones from Zimbabwe, full of character.

  2. All your lizards are beautiful but I love the tuatara best and I can't work out what you are doing :)

  3. Oh it's so hard to choose which one I love best. I love the felted one and the rusty one. Oh and the beaded one. I have a family of the real thing in my TV area clicking and clacking away most nights.

  4. What an interesting collection of lizards! We had a small one inside recently - managed to get him/her/it outside before it was discovered by the cats.

  5. Love the felted one... my daughter has one tattooed on her shoulder..I have tons of them in my yard...

  6. LOVE the lizards!!!! They are wonderful. Love your stitcheries too!

  7. Love your stitcheries. The lizard..not so!

  8. Excuse me, weren't you the one who traumatised that poor little frog not so long ago, yet you have a house full of lizards! he he
    Love your lizard collection!

  9. Those gorgeous lizards - what a varied collection.

  10. Enjoyed seeing all your lizards, great collection. Looking forward to the real ones this summer in my garden. Hope they survived zero temps we had.

    No need to reply to my comment :)
    It's a busy life in blogland.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your lizards, they are all wonderful and very endearing.

  12. what a lovely selection of decorative lizards! I lived in Malawi for a while and we had real geckos on our walls! Very cute and they kept the mosquitoes down!

  13. Those lizards are all amazing - love how you have them around the house.

  14. Love your collection of lizards (especially the "rusty old character" one).


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