Wednesday, August 9, 2017

This week.....

I've started working on my applique for the next block of the Stitch-a-long where we are making Michelle Ridgways Holly Cottage.  This month there is the star, a heart and an applique picture so a bit of work to do!

This week I finished my first ever crochet blanket and I am enormously proud of myself... I feel I can now say I am a crocheter!

I got this kit sent to me when I arrived in the UK at the beginning of June and worked on it there - on trains, in the car, etc.  It kept my hands comfortably busy and then in the cool evenings here.

It is an Attic24 pattern and she gives a wonderful tutorial on her blog HERE  

There is a fair bit of yarn left over so I think I will make another but in small size... will be cute and perfect for when there is a boy baby that needs a gift...

On Tuesday there was a birthday to celebrate - so I baked - went for the healthy fruit and dairy choice!

.. and the beginning of the month heralds a new colour for our Scrappy Challenge - this month was light neutrals which I have to say I found rather unstimulating and wasn't very enthusiastic... however I got my quota of 30 done and I don't mind the look after all.  They will be mixed in with other colours.

I love my own house in light neutrals so I don't know why I wasn't keen....

Oh... and just because I can here is another picture of my wonderful ripple blanket with some of the very little colour we have in the garden at the moment....

Righto, Gotto Go..... quilting today...


  1. Mmm love that cake. Your crochet rug is beautiful. Hugs, xx

  2. Very envious of that gorgeous crocheted ripple blanket Fiona - just beautiful. It is my aim to learn to crochet as this is the one thing I want to do (probably when I retire lol). Love the fabrics you've used in your star block and your 30 scrappy blocks look wonderful. That is such a big challenge to undertake - well done

  3. Your crocheted afghan is beautiful! And what is the red flower that you photographed it with? I quite like your little houses. I need to get started on my neutral projects soon. Busy week here, so maybe on Sunday.....

  4. That looks like a fun block to do and I do love your houses, as well as the afghan.


  5. Hi Fiona,lovely work,i really love your blanket,i love your yummy healthy sponge cake,lol xx

  6. It is indeed a gorgeous blanket! I'm normally not much for quiet colours either, but I do like your houses.....looks like it's foggy in that neighbourhood today.

  7. Your blanket looks great - love that last picture! Have to say I am skipping the RSC this month - the blocks just would not work in with what I have in minds. That cake looks delicious! xx

  8. the blanket has turned out really well, it will be perfect for snuggling under. Has anyone claimed it yet?

  9. I'm very impressed with the ripple blanket... I started one but didn't get past the first few rows, just didn't look good! Yours has turned out beautifully! xx

  10. Your blanket is divine! The colours are beautiful.
    I quite like your beach houses in the neutrals...we're they an online pattern?
    I have a friend to make a swap gift for that is having a sea change and they are a great style.
    Happy days you crocheter, you!

  11. Good start to your SAL. .. love ❤️Your ripple blanket...
    I think the neutral houses 🏡 look great with the blue s.
    Great pic of your blanket in the garden.

  12. Embroidery, quilting and now crochet; what an accomplished woman you are! Congratulations on your first crochet project. It is very well done. Love the colors too. Now, don't tempt me into picking up my crochet hooks again. I have enough to keep me busy as it is, lol. Enjoy! ;^)

  13. Congrats on the lovely, ripply finish! Your blanket makes me want to take up crochet :)

    Your little neutral houses are very nice, and will make the brighter color ones really stand out when they are all together. Must have some calm contrast, right? Just like we must have some healthy fruit servings like the ones in your photo...

  14. Love the blanket, yes you can call yourself a crocheter now!! The neutral houses will look great mixed in with the others. Can I have some cake please??? That looks amazing!! Love your applique heart.

  15. Cute star! Ooh your ripple blanket is so cozy, I used to make that pattern all the time, probably still have a few of mum's. Love it in the greenery with the touch of pink. The cake looks yummy, but it needs chocolate....*G*....your beach houses are AWESOME!!!

  16. Congratulations on your great finish with the ripple blanket. It looks amazing and your work is beautiful! Wow!
    Love all the blocks you have made, even the neutrals. They will fit well in with the other colours.
    And yum tot he cake!

  17. You have been busy. Great progress. Lucy's patterns are great. I've only made a scarf using her ripple pattern. but have the wool to do a cushion cover. Your rug looks ever so snuggly. I'm sure that healthy offering didn't last very long at all.

  18. Well done on the blanket mrs crocheter! It looks fantastic


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