Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Finishing stitches and OPAM roundup .......

An update on my progress on finishing UFO's and linking up with Joy's Finishing Stitches.....

Japanese Blocks...

I did two more of these blocks... but now I've decided to change the project completely and wait to purchase a dark background so it's not so mixed up and vomitty...

 I'm thinking of using plain black and then doing the pieced parts in the different lovely Japanese fabrics...  I will also be more selective on which blocks I do so it's not too much black in it...

That means it will be a new project - not a UFO??????

Dutch Treat

I've done 4 more blocks of this quilt this month.... my original goal was 1 a week so I'm happy with that progress...

No proper UFO finishes this month.... I need to pull my big girl panties on and do something about that!

However, I did finish some projects for OPAM so I can report to Peg and Kris .....

Michelle's Pincushion

 Lyn's project bag

 Marina's sewing bags...

Thanks Joy, Peg and Kris for helping to keep on track with my projects

Righto, Gotto Go..... busy day ahead.... hope you have a good one ...xx


  1. Hi Fiona,well done on your beautiful finishes,love your dutch blocks,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Not sure what to say about the vomity blocks. Safer to avoid that one and say well done on all the project finishes and the dutch treat blocks.

  3. That's a pretty good tally - even without big girl panties on
    I've got so much "on the go" and haven't had a finish since January...hopefully that will change some time this year???

  4. I've got to ask, what are you going to do with those blocks? :) think the black background would make for a stunning quilt

  5. Oh the black background will be lovely - and how funny, so much real estate separates us yet I have some of those fabrics, lol. Love your Dutch Treat blocks and the gorgeous projects you made!!!

  6. I love Asian inspired fabrics so much and I think you're on the right track to use a neutral background like black. A nice taupe-y brown with some subtle texture would work, too. Then the lovely reds and greens and blues and metallics will really shine.

    Dutch Treat is moving right along, too! Such pretty blocks...

  7. You had a good month. I love the Dutch Treat blocks.

  8. Well done! You've done quite a bit this month. I need to get my big girl panties on as well. I have way to many UFO's. Can't wait to see your reworked blocks!

  9. Busy bee! 'Vomitty' is that a new patchworking term?
    I like to keep up with new jargon lol

  10. Oh Fiona you did make me laugh, " 🤢 Vomity " and " Big Girl Panties"
    Will say the Japenese Blocks will look better with a black back...
    Love ❤️ your DT blocks and some lovely finishes too.

  11. Loving your DT blocks...I am with Marina, is there a new saying I haven't heard of yet???? Lol!! Well done on all your finishes.


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