Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Royal Bulls Head Inn

A couple of weekends ago Hubz and I visited a local historical building ....  long overdue

The Royal Bulls Head Inn - originally built in 1847 which has been an Inn, a family home and a post office over the years.  The National Trust obtained it and have done a huge amount of restoration - at the same time keeping a lot of the originality.

Once a month they open house and for a small fee you can go in and have a look - they are also encouraging locals to showcase some of their handcrafts - you can see some quilts on the veranda.

There were a few chairs that had been recovered, it was fun to see they had used fabric the same as what I used for my stool recently.

 I love these fold up chairs .....

.. there was a small model of the building

It's hard to see in the picture but the walls were cheesecloth overlaid with wall paper....

(no sound privacy between rooms!!!)

pictures from the 30's were pasted on the wall - there is a cut out piece so you can see how the wall was constructed.  No insulation of course.

The outside kitchen - set up but in disrepair so you can't walk inside....  really fun to see and they have some great information about how it all was originally.

.. this is the kitchen view from the outside....

... and the outside laundry ....

love the charm of those wringers....

the outside dunny ...... leaning over precariously now.....

the outside structures were made without using nails.... you can see how the poles are wired together at the top there.

at one time the building was used as the local post office and this is the entrance that was used then... and the lovely old post box.

A fun couple of hours and I bet this building has some great stories.... 

Apparently is was first a meeting place for squatters and the 'rougher sort'....

Righto, Gotto Go... coffee and quilting....


  1. Good morning my friend,what a lovely old building ,yes if walls could only talk what stories we would hear.
    Great that you and hubby got a chance to have a look through,hope your day is a good one Fiona xx

  2. Thanks for allowing me to tag along with you. Loved it xox.

  3. Great to see the National Trust has been able to obtain this building and restore it along the way. A lot of wonderful history there.

  4. It's a beautiful old building. I can imagine it would make a great location for quilt photos :)

  5. Such a lovely old building. It is interesting to see how they built buildings back then. Hugs, xx

  6. What an interesting place, you should have taken a quilt with you

  7. That looks like a fun place to visit! I remember driving past it about 15 years or so ago, but it wasn't open then.

  8. Great job of re storing the building..It is great to be able to see how folks used to live.
    Hmmm! I remember those outside dunnies....LOL.

  9. If those walls could speak ❤️❤️Awesome photos

  10. What an interesting place and amazing how they have left those rooms. Great post box. xx


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