Sunday, August 6, 2017


This quilt has taken me a little while... I've done it in stages but at last it is finished...

I decided to add a bit of texture behind the applique... so this echo paisley went behind giraffes....

.. and echo behind the flowers and an orange peel is the square blocks,

.. and imitated the leaf shape in the border....

and on Friday night with the girls I got the binding done....

To be honest I would not quilt so densely another time... it looks nice but I think it is too firm.... personal taste really but I like snuggly quilts the most...

If it's too stiff to wrap around a child (I have visions of a cardboard wrapped infant) then it will make do for a lovely play mat....

One UFO down... and this is the next one I will sort out...

I have a small collection of the Japanese blocks... so I'm going to put them together then at a later date do some more with a more consistent background...

Here's hoping some dark sashing will deconstruct the colour violations I have here...

Righto, Gotto Go.... Sunday to enjoy.... I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend....


  1. Hi Fiona i love the baby quilt,it will look fanatic in the cot.
    Cant wait to see your Japanese blocks put today,enjoy your Sunday my friend xx

  2. Love the giraffes - perhaps afew washes will soften it - but its t=so cute.

  3. Gorgeous quilt. It's very cute. Hugs, xx

  4. That is a beautiful quilt Fiona, your quilting is beautiful. I am with you liking soft quilts, I am having a giggle at the cardboard wrapped infant.

  5. The quilt is would make a great wall hanging if you think it's a bit stiff for wrapping.

  6. Awesome quilting and another ufo done, yay! Keep meaning to ask, what kind of machine do you quilt with? xx

  7. it's beautiful, love the backing fabric

  8. Beautiful quilt beautifully finished!
    It's gorgoeus

  9. Beautiful - I love the quilting. xx

  10. I'm with you on the looser quilting for babies, but your giraffe piece really looks wonderful! I hope it washes up softer than you expect. I'm working on a baby gift right now that I'm worried will be too quilted, so I'll suggest to the new Mom that perhaps it is a play mat like you said. Or maybe a wall hanging?

  11. That is such an adorable quilt, some of mine came out stiffer, but a few washes, helps with that.


  12. Looks great fiona..... How much quilting is always a personal choice......

  13. Oh my word, the giraffes are super-cute Fiona, well done... perhaps the quilt will soften with some use & a couple of washes? I'm sure any parent would choose a quilt of yours ahead of cardboard to wrap their bubba!!

  14. Love love love the quilting on the baby quilt - so sweet!!!! That's the kind of quilting I like to do by meditative. Your blocks look great, no color violations there!

  15. Love those giraffes every time I see them.
    Good luck with the blocks.


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