Sunday, March 20, 2016

UFO for March

I finished the binding on this quilt a while ago but forgot to blog about it...

Googy Girl co-ordinated a 9 patch swap a few years ago and I was lucky enough to be part  of it... We all made a number of the same 9 patches in our choice of reproduction prints.  Then these were all sent to Googy Girl who split them up and sent them back all packaged up so nicely

 This meant we all ended up with a lovely wide range of 9 patches... such fun and made it easy to do.  Making a bunch in the same colour way can be done in strips as opposed to little 2 1/2" squares..

This is the quilt I made with my blocks - I took out the pinky ones as I specifically wanted this to be for my almost teenager eldest grandson....  

I custom quilted the blocks, with these twisted orange peels in the darker blocks

... and a curved ribbon in the lighter blocks
(hard to see but this second picture is a little better)

.. an a twisted ribbon look in the sashing - miles of sashing!!

the binding was made and I finally sewed it all on earlier this month ...

It's a lovely warm masculine quilt ....

Susan made her quilt up some time ago and had some spare blocks which she sent to me and I have made up a second quilt using them.... the same but different!!

The squares have all been sashed and then recut on a very slight angle to give it a bit of a wonky look...

.. so here is the flimsy top of my second 9 patch... it's going to have to wait a while to be finished off 

A lovely swap idea Googy Girl, thanks to all the ladies who contributed and to Susan for the extra blocks.

I'm pleased to say I have one of my UFO's finished this month - but I also managed to make another one too!! 

Righto, Gotto Go.... I'm going to have a dig in my drawer to find a SMALLER UFO to finish....


  1. Both beautiful quilts , congrats on such a fabulous finish ! Hugs

  2. Such a lovely quilt Fiona. How great it feels to cross those UFOs off the list.

  3. absolutely gorgeous Fiona!!
    love both the nine patch quilts.
    even better that they were ufo's.

  4. I love the fact you can have the same basic block, but end up with such different quilts. Love them both

  5. Oh dear you've just reminded me I still have mine to make up still, I love the way you've done yours ad may just have to copy your idea if that's ok with you :) Barb.

    1. P.S: Forgot to say I love how your's has turned out :)

  6. Great work Fiona. Wasn't there a lot of squares, they would have made one enormous quilt. The lighter sashings work really well with the repro fabrics. My son loves his nine patch quilt, I think it's a strong, simple design that appeals to boys. I hope your grandson loves his too.

  7. Such a huge effort to put two together. They are both wonderful x

  8. Hi Fiona ,wow they look fantastic,what a wonderful idea for a swap,well done my friend xx

  9. LOVE your nine patch quilt/s Fiona and such gorgeous quilting

  10. Well done Fiona! Gotta love a nine patch and yours are just wonderful.

  11. Lovely quilts and I do like how you have done the quilting.

  12. You have worked your quilting magic on your nine patch quilt Fiona! Looks fabulous...

  13. Hi Fiona
    Both quilts are just gorgeous... sure is a lot of quilting in the manly one... love the wonky block idea... 9-patch blocks are such a simple thing, but boy they looks great done like that!

  14. Nine patch blocks are one of my favorites and I loved the quilting pattern on it, what a great finish.

  15. Both quilts are gorgeous. Love 9 patches. Hugs,xx

  16. Well done to get two quilt tops made!!! Love how you have used the blocks and your quilting is wonderful too!!

  17. Dear Fiona,
    wonderful finished quilt, congratulations, just love the colors.

  18. Both have turned out really well. The one for your grandson looks lovely with all your amazing quilting!!

  19. Wow your nine patch looks great all finished...


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