Friday, March 25, 2016

It's a bit Slippery .....

On Tuesday we didn't sew our Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks as per usual, but another friend joined us and together we sewed some slippers....

They were finished comfortably within the day - even with chatter and giggles....

... of course we had to have a little bit of a play with the finished product....

.. they are all lovely and look so different ....

.. this angle of standing was quite a challenge for me - I had to hold on to people to maintain my balance...

Mine are the ones under the LIP letters - and I used William Morris scraps from my Tuffet ...

The pattern for these is called Snappy Slippers by Gerri Richards.  I bought special non slip fabric for the base which I'm glad about as we have tiled floors and I really don't want to slip around on them.

I'm still stitching madly in the evenings and another Tea Time Teddy is completed -  shhhhh don't wake up Sleepy Ted...

Righto, Gotto Go..... I have sampler blocks to catch up on so I better get a start on them....  I'm going to prepare the handwork to do this weekend when I join Wendy and other bloggers for our special Easter sew in ...


Sign ups are HERE


  1. Love the slippers, I have all the stuff to make mine but haven't done so yet.

  2. The slippers look great, love your tea time teddy embroidery :)

  3. Fantastic a slipper party!
    Well done ladies...
    Very sweet teddy to join the collection

  4. Oh I do love those slippers and your tea cup teddy is adorable

  5. Brilliant slippers and all from scraps, well done. Lovely little teddy too xcx

  6. Those slippers look very comfy...
    Oh those Teddies are just sew cute.....
    Happy stitching over the weekend Fiona ...

  7. Hi Fiona,wow these slippers are so cute,i love them,well done ladies,wishing you and your lovely family a happy and safe easter my friend xx

  8. Lovely slippers Fiona. You always have so much fun at gatherings. It fun to see so thanks for sharing. ;^)

  9. How about that patchwork footwear, I think you have started the newest quilting trend, as who doesn't like new shoes! And making them from your favorite scraps is a real bonus.

  10. They are so your William Morris variety. You are motoring along with the teds xx

  11. What a fun way to spend sewing time together and get some lovely slippers at the end. Great result.

  12. that looks like fun, love all the slippers

  13. Your slippers all look great - warm and comfy too I would imagine. Have a very Happy Easter Fiona. xx

  14. Your slippers will blend so nicely when you have your feet up at bight!! Bet you had a ball!

  15. What fun! The slippers look wonderful. Thanks for including the link for the pattern.


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