Thursday, March 3, 2016

Surprises and Sampler Blocks.....

Look what dear Marina sent to me this week....

an apron and teatowel

aren't they so fun? and Marina's hand stitching is so very neat and lovely

I love them - just exactly tickles my sense of humour - thank you so much Marina xx

(and I don't need any smartarse comments about changing the stitcheries around thank you very much!!)

Before I went away I caught up on homework for my blocks from Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

Grape Basket (20 pieces)

One of the group (Lyn) added an extra person so that this is us 3 who are making the quilt together.... it will be a lovely way to remember the three of us sewing blocks for it each week.

Friendship Block (17 pieces)

Rocky Road to Dublin (32 pieces)

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul (20 pieces)

Hands All Round - (37 pieces)

I seem to have Sampler Block fetish at the moment as I have also joined in with The Splendid Sampler ....

The blocks come out 2 each week and they started whilst I was away so I spent some time catching up... there was a bit of hand work too which was perfect whilst catching up on a couple of TV shows I had missed too!

 As usual I am counting the pieces!!!  (sad isn't it?????)

Hearts A Flutter designed by Pat Sloan (9 pieces)

Wings designed by Jane Davidson (48 pieces)

Lots of Love designed by Mellissa Corey (48 pieces)

As you can see for this one I am using some soft pretty romantic fabrics - they will be such different quilts

Righto, Gotto Go... there are now more blocks and more homework to be done!!!


  1. love your blocks too .... and you are counting the pieces .... I did not think there were that many in the blocks. Happy stitching

  2. What fun gifts and your blocks are beautiful.
    I doubt I will ever do perfect piecing, but that is ok;)


  3. love your pressies, very cute!
    love all the blocks you have done so far....and I too have set myself up for the Splendid Sampler as well as doing The Farmers Wife quilt....oh and all the UFOs I already have!

  4. Did you know there is a song/tune called Rocky Road to Dublin? What fun stitcheries, I haven't seen those before!

  5. Gorgeous blocks all round Fiona. Interesting how many pieces are in the Splendid Sampler blocks. I am playing catch up too. Hugs......

  6. Love your gift from Marina!!! And your sampler blocks all look great - pretty scary counting all those pieces! - I've yet to decide whether or not to join in with the Splendid Sampler, I must say it's pretty tempting!

  7. Oh no I should have had the stitcheries the other way around! Didn't think there.....
    Love all your sampler blocks, the new ones are such a lovely palette.
    Enjoy working on your blocks

  8. I do love Marina's cute! You are amazing with those sampler blocks! I feel very hardworking knowing that I slaved over that many teeny pieces lol!

  9. lol you crack me up my friend,i love what Marina sent to you and your blocks are amazing my friend,well done xx

  10. You're dong great on catching up with the sampler blocks. I thought I might join in, but decided against it. Will be watching for your piece total at the end!!

  11. Lovely blocks all of them. Love the romantic fabric too. And the gifts, wow such great talent she has. You are so quick at sewing, you are already caught up on the sew-along. So what will you do with all that time left on your hands? lololol. ;^)

  12. Such lovely blocks, my favourite is the friendship one..... So lovely. Love the stitcheries

  13. Beautiful gifts from Marina, love the stitcheries!! Your Sylvias Bridal samples blocks are amazing and inspiring..sadly the inspiration doesn't last to the sewing room!!!lol!! Must get on with mine one day. Your Splendid sampler blocks are beautiful have caught up quickly!

  14. The apron and towel are great. Well done, Marina!
    Your block collection is looking more amazing with every post!!

  15. what a lovely gift, it'll certainly make going in the kitchen fun.

  16. Gorgeous pressie from Marina. And am loving both your sampler SALs Fiona. Gorgeous fabrics too

  17. Love your gifts for Marina, the stitcheries look great. Your blocks are looking amazing !!

  18. Lotsof lovely blocks there Fiona and I love your colour scheme for the SS quilt. Great gifts from Marina. xx

  19. I got such a giggle at Marina's gifts. Fantastic looking blocks too... xox

  20. Ha ha such sassy wording on Marina's gifts!
    Great work on all those blocks... are you sure there's 17 on the Friendship block?! LOL just checking... or being cheeky...

  21. Beautiful gifts for a beautiful are on fire must be that wonderful holiday you had with your beautiful family. xx

  22. Some lovely quilts in the making. A lovely gift showcasing Marina's beautiful handiwork.


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