Sunday, March 27, 2016

Framed for FNSI

Thank you Wendy for our special Easter sew in.... Friday night is always fun to cyberly get together ... the footy is on, the dinner simple and the tea hot ....

Wendy sent those of us who linked in to the evening a very sweet Easter design... thank you so much xx

The first bit of framing done was my picture from Michelle that I received last month .... I found a frame I thought would show it off and put this together quite easily.  Michelle has only recently taken up doing art and her work is already amazing....

I just love my wild dog and happy to have him up on the wall now... the white frame brings out the markings though that isn't too clear from the picture....

Next was fixing up this frame... when we moved into the house we inherited a few prints, some. like this one, which were not to my taste but the frame is pretty

 I found a fat quarter of a pretty pale blue and now I have a custom made 'white board' to keep a list of things to do on....

On Friday morning I did some quilting and framed the edge of this vintage doily... I did a lot more quilting on it aswell...

.. and by evening the final frame was ready to be hand sewn down in front of the TV....

I also managed to finish off the final Tea Time Teddies in the series.... (they only had the green bits to do)

... meet Blue Bird Teddy ....

.. and Sitting Pretty Teddie....

... they are all cut into their hexagon shapes and make a nice little frame....
(these teddies are a series from Michelle)

My final 'frame' is adding my special Easter mini to the metal frame.... Maria sent me this one in a mini swap we did a couple of years ago....

Wishing you all a Happy Easter

I love having a long break... Hubz and I have been doing odd jobs around the house and in the garden ... it's almost tea time and I baked a cake since the Widget is coming round....

I hope he likes it!!

Righto, Gotto Go... time to put the kettle on....


  1. All your framed projects look those Tea Time Teddies, do I need another project???
    I am sure Widget will enjoy the delicious cake you baked Fiona....
    Enjoy the rest of your Easter break..

  2. Happy easter my friend ,i love the mini that Maria made for you and boy your framed drawing from Michelle looks awesome,isnt she so clever,it looks fantastic on the wall,enjoy your yummy cake with widget Fiona xx

  3. Wow the flamed drawing from Michelle looks fantastic framed and on the wall. Love your tea time teddies and the mini Maria sent you. Enjoy your Easter break.x

  4. Hi Fiona ,
    enchanting, what you've quilted . The little bear looks so lovely.Und Easter cake looks so delicious . I see blooming with you in the garden already the roses . Very beautiful.
    Best regards

  5. You have such a way with words! Michelle's drawing looks so good framed....

  6. Very productive at your house. Love the framing on your beautiful picture from Michelle. We are lucky to have such a talented friend. Looks wonderful, as does your last couple of little bears. Enjoy the cake

  7. Michelle is very talented. That wild dog is amazing. Jut love him! Little tea bears are cute as buttons as always. Have a fun, chocolatey Easter Sunday! ♥ ;^)

  8. A busy day in your house. Those bears are just gorgeous and I bet there was no cake left at the end of the day.

  9. chocolate cake with sprinkles, I am positive that he is going to love this cake! Love your little teddies in hexies, what a great idea. Lots going on at your place, enjoy.

  10. Always a pleasure to visit you many wonderful projects to view...xox

  11. Your cake looks very yummy. I hope Widget has better table manners than the African dogs I saw at the zoo the other day!

  12. looks like you've had fun with your framing :) That wild dog is beautifully done. Loving the look of the quilt

  13. Lots of lovely projects Fiona - glad you had a good weekend. xx

  14. Dear Fiona,
    wow, what pretty projects got finished this past weekend. You have been super busy with beautiful blocks and frames.
    Love the cake.

  15. Love your framing theme. You did achieve a lot. Michelle's picture looks great. And smart idea with the white board!
    I look forward to seeing the quilt finished with all the work on that one.
    And well done with the delightful teddies!
    I hope the cake was delicious!!


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